Winter Essentials


I have a love hate relationship with winter. I hate how cold it gets but I love that it means you can layer up & accessories with cosy pieces.

Being one to feel cold really easy means layering up is essential for my winter wardrobe. As soon as November hits I can’t wait to pull out my hats, scarfs and thick knit wear! I live in these pieces all winter long so today I’m sharing some of my essential pieces for winter time.

Cosy Knitwear

I feel like Knitwear needs a post all on its own because it may be the most essential part of any winter wardrobe. I have a growing collection but I defiantly need to pick up some more. I’m lusting after thick roll necks and classic pieces to fill up my collection.



How I went so long without wearing hats I do not know. I can’t get enough of beanies for winter especially in greys or rich colours. I love how with a hat & a scarf on you can instantly feel warmer and you can still look stylish while keeping cosy!

Cosy Jackets

As you may have seen all over my Instagram I’ve been living in this Red Jacket for the past few weeks. It the perfect jackets for this not too cold but cold enough that you need a good jacket days. And the colour is my favourite part its such a statement piece.



Scarfs may be my favourite winter accessory, scarfs are the one thing in my wardrobe that I can’t wait to wear each year. I have a large collection of the Zara Scarfs & they are amazing. They are the softest material and they are big scarfs so they are perfect for wrapping around and keeping you cosy.


I’m not one for slippers so I love having thick socks to wear in the winter. My favourites are the Chup socks as they always have fun colourful patterns. Which makes them perfect for peeping over the top of your boots as well as lounging about the house!



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