travelling alone
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Travelling Alone

travelling alone

Travelling alone can honestly be one of the best things you can do. By now I’ve travelled alone about 5 or 6 times. Over the past few trips I have learn’t a few things. So in today’s post I’m sharing some of what I’ve learn’t travelling myself.

Travelling alone can be scary but it can also be so rewarding. It allows you to learn so much about yourself. You can do anything you want and you can really see how independent you really are.

My view is why wait around for someone to go on holiday with or go on that city break with when you can go yourself right now.

I mean there is certain trips like a beach holiday that I maybe wouldn’t go on myself. But a city break I’d happily go myself.

Over the years I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks to travelling on your own.

One advantage is you can be completely selfish.

You don’t have to wait around for anyone. You can do your own thing, you can visit the places you want to see. And you can just take time for yourself and you can take as much time in each place as you want.

Eating on your Own

One things that takes a bit of getting used to is eating on your own. Most of the time while travelling I’ll take out food back to the hotel or sit in a public area to eat. I’m fine with cafe’s and eating breakfast alone but it took me a while to be comfortable going into a restaurant and having a meal on my own.

Now I just make sure I have a book with me or some photos to edit on my phone. Espically when there’s no wifi while travelling most of the time. I mean people watching can be fun but when it comes to being in a restaurant it can be a little uncomfortable. So having something can make the experience a little less daunting.

I also find sitting at the bar can be a little more comfortable when eating alone. As most of the bartenders with make conversation with you.


Go to the museum, go to the concert, go to see a show. If you want to go just go. Don’t worry about going on your own. Its more than likely you’re not the only person there one their own.

The first time I went to see a show on my own I felt a little nervous. Once the show started though it didn’t even bother me.

Chat to the Locals

Be open to conversations with strangers. You never know where it might lead. It’s something I’ve gotten 10x better at, Now I’m not saying walk up to the first person you see and start talking randomly to them. I’m talking about if you’re in a shop or at a restaurant/cafe & someone starts a conversation with you, chat away with them. Ask them local tips they may introduce you to places you didn’t know about and make your trip that much better.

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