july reading

July Reading List

july reading

July reading list is a mixed bag of good and bad books. It feels like at the start of June I flew through about 4 or 5 books. But this last couple of weeks I haven’t found a book I’ve managed to stick with. I’ve just given up after a few chapters.

I’ve still included them in this list because I still want to give my opinions on whether they’re good or bad.

Royals – Rachel Hawkins

Daisy Winters sister Ellie has just announced that she’s engaged to Alex the Prince of Scotland. After an interview with Daisy’s ex is revealed. Daisy and her parents decide to spend the summer in Scotland with Ellie. Daisy then finds herself thrown into Royal life & in the middle of a Royal Scandal with the princes younger brother Sebastian & his group of friends the Royal Wreckers. Sebastians best friend Miles & least roudy of the Royal Wreckers swoops in to help Daisy stay out of the lime light & teach her all things royal.

Royals is such a fun and easy read. So easy I actually read it in one day. Its a little bit of a Royal fan fiction which I thought was very fun and it would be the perfect beach read.

Little Fires Everywhere – Celeste Ng

Celeste Ng’s second book Little Fires everywhere, I actually preferred this book to her first. Little Fires Everywhere is set in Ohio in a little town called Shaker Heights. Its a safe neighbourhood where nothing really bad happens. Mrs Richardson lives with her husband & 4 children. Mia & Her Daughter Pearl move into the Richardsons rental home & soon become entangled into the Richardsons life. As all 4 of the Richardson children are soon best friends with Mia & Pearl.

Throughout the book friends of Mrs Richardson’s are trying to adopt a baby when her birthmother comes and tries to take her back. Mrs Richardson & Mia are now at opposite ends of the argument. While they’re children lives become even more entangled with each others.

When I first started reading this one I was a little sceptical as I heard a lot of people say it’s slow getting into. Its a little slow but its packed with so much. Some bits could of been left out but otherwise its was a good book.

Hot Mess – Lucy Vine

I loved this book I think its the first book I’ve ever read that made me physically laugh out loud. It was so funny and the main character Elenor was really relatable. Hot Mess is all about 20 something Elenor who hates her job, is single. All her friends keep telling her she needs to find a man & get her life in order. Leading to a string of hilarious tinder dates.

Throughout the book Elenor’s Dad is writing a short story which you get to read in email formats. The story is hilarious its almost like a fifty shades of grey spoof called 75 Hues of Tony. Like I said I loved this book. It was so funny, the author really got it right. I defiantly want to read more of her books.

The Royal We

Bex arrives at Oxford University from America ready for year’s studying and having fun. When the first person she meets is Nick the Prince of England. The book then spans almost a decade of their lives. Following them getting together, breaking up and and getting married. On the eve of their wedding a scandal involving Bex & Nick’s brother breaks. This could ruin the whole wedding, so Bex & Nick must decide to give up or put the past & Bex’s secrets behind them.

This was another Royal Fan Fiction which was a really cute book. It was scarily similar to the real Royal family & William & Kate’s story. Obviously with name changes, a few different characters and a romance with the princes brother. Because I’m pretty sure that never happened between Prince Harry & Kate.

The Royal We is one of those cheesy reads that you end up loving and it would be the perfect beach read.

Far From The Tree

Far from the tree follows 3 teenagers Grace, Maya and Jaquin. They are siblings but they’ve never met. Grace & Maya were both adopted and Jaquin has been in and out of foster care.

This is such a sweet heartfelt story I flew through this one.

Call me by your name

Call Me By Your Name is such a beautiful story set in the Italian Riviera. When Oliver comes to stay at Eilo’s family home for the summer the Two develop a relationship that stays with them for a life time. Elio and Oliver spend the whole summer together. When friendship turns into lust and love. Creating a beautiful, heartfelt story about love and falling in love.

This book was really good & I did enjoy it. It was hard to follow though. As it was written in poetic prose and that took a bit of getting used to. But it is one to read and I also really want to see the film now too.

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