Fitness – Getting Motivated to Workout


It’s been a while but I’m finally back with another fitness post. Over the past few weeks I’ve gotten back into a good gym routine. I’ve been trying to workout as much as I can. I’m feeling amazing after these workouts & really starting to feel the benefits.

In todays post I’m sharing a few ways to feel motivated and get excited for your workout.

Find a Gym Buddy

Going to the gym with a friend can make the idea of exercising that more enjoyable. Personally I prefer to workout alone but working out with someone is a good way to keep you motivated.

Get a Personal Trainer

Now I never used to like the idea of having a personal trainer and having one on one sessions. But ever since I’ve started working with my PT Joe its been so much fun. Its really good to have someone there to tell you what exercises to do. It also helps you push yourself as much as you can.

Make a playlist

Make yourself a playlist that will make your exercises fun. Songs that can make you shut out everything & make you focus on your workout. 80’s music is my go to for working out.

Change up your workout

I’ve recently started adding HIT into my workout routine. Its tough and you’ll feel like you’re dying throughout but it makes you feel amazing afterwords. I’ve never sweated as much at the gym until I did the HIT workout. So adding a new workout or changing up your workout routine can motivate you to keep pushing yourself.

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