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How to Find Your Dream Job & Stay Calm While Looking


As of last month I have been a graduate for a year. I think my window of being a recent graduate is closed & shit is getting real. ( Excuse my language.)

A year on I still don’t know what exactly I want out of my career and honestly where to even start looking. I have a pretty stable job but its nothing to do with my Media Degree. And it’s far from my dream job. Whatever that may be.. or as Chandler would say ‘I need the fear.’

Looking for a job when you don’t know the specific career you want can be so hard. Knowing where to start looking is even harder. I’ve been trying to figure it out for the past year and I’m still not anywhere near knowing. It can be down right annoying never hearing back from companies. Or having to have at least 5 years experience right out of University. To qualify for any type of entry level position.

I have picked up a few tips however.

Build on the Skills you do have or learn new ones.

You can never have enough skills and its always good to lease new ones. Even grow on the ones you have. there are so many resources & online courses out there that can help you develop your skills.

Its okay not knowing

At this point in your life its okay not knowing exactly what your dream job is. Its taken me a long time to come to terms with that fact and be okay with not knowing. I know I will figure it out eventually & I have some general ideas of what I can see myself doing. But we all achieve things at different times and you have to know that it will work out in the end.

Broadening your search

If you’re struggling to find your dream job, broaden your search. If there’s a specific career field you are interested in apply for different jobs within that field. You never know what these might lead to. Don’t settle for a job you’re going to hate but you may find that this other job will teach you so much. And help you achieve your dream career.

Stay Positive

It’s defiantly not easy but try and stay positive. Finding a job is like dating you’re going to get rejected a lot. But there will be that one special one thats meant for you. It can be so draining getting nowhere and never hearing back from companies. I’ve had my share of breakdowns and moments of feeling like I’m never going to find a job. You just have to stay positive & not let the doubt take over.


Nobody likes the idea of unpaid work but an internship or work experience can be great ways to test out different aspects of an industry. I am so annoyed that I never took the opportunity to do an internship what I had the chance.

Update your CV

Ugh writing a CV is my least favourite things. But a good CV is key to finding a job you’re perfect for. Put in the time to tailor your CV to the specific job. Have a template for your CV but make sure you tweak it for each job application.

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