August Reading


At the beginning of July I finally purchased a Kindle.  Which is a shocker for me because I’m a real book kind of girl. I love having a book to flip through. Lately I’ve found any books I’ve been ordering haven’t been that great. So it ends up being a waste of money for only finishing half the book. The Kindle Books are 10x cheaper than regular books too, they also offer you to sample the book before you buy it. I went for the Kindle PaperWhite and i love how lightweight it is

I also wanted something for when I travel as I can go through books quickly. Which means when ever I go on holiday I have to pack at least 2 or 3 books. I’ve had the Kindle for about 2 weeks now and I’ve read one book so far on it and I’m really liking it. It has definitely changed my mind of Kindle over real books.


StartUp follows 3 characters stories all surrounding the tech startups in New York City. Mack the founder of tech app TakeOff , Katya a tech reporter at Tech Scene and  Sabrina who is, Mack’s employee & Katya’s bosses wife. All 3 Characters lives collide when a scandal involving Mack and his employee Isabell is revealed.

This was a good book but it wasn’t the best book I’ve read. I really wanted to like StartUp but it was a bit meh.. There’s no better way to describe it. From the blurb I thought the scandal would be the main focus of the book but it didn’t come out until the very end. The story just seemed to be the lead up to this scandal being revealed and I kind of guessed early on what the scandal would be. By the end of the book it seemed a bit anticlimactic in the end.

Fake Plastic Love

I did what I like to call the first chapter test with Fake Plastic Love. I.e If you don’t like a book within the first chapter or its already making you fall asleep it’s probably not going to get much better. Well I kept reading and I never got better. So I finally gave up after 5 or 6 chapters. The story was  going nowhere and the characters were really unlikeable and a bit pretentious. Set in Nyc, Fake Plastic Love follows M, a trainee banker, her friend Belle a blogger and Jeremy, M’s colleague who becomes infatuated by Belle . The story was a little Gatsby esque, some of seemed to be character’s acting like they were in 1920’s but it was set in 2017. It was a bit hard to follow and pretty boring at times.  

What the Fresh Hell

What The Fresh Hell was such a funny book, from the author Lucy Vine who also wrote Hot Mess. This book was just as funny. All about Lilah, a people pleaser who doesn’t like disappointing people. Finds herself in a year full of weddings, one being her best friends, who’s she’s maid of honour for. Lilah is also dealing with a demanding boss, her parents horrible divorce. The closure of her charity group and her boyfriend saying she doesn’t have time for him. Like I said this book is hilarious, its very honest, incredibly funny and has so many laugh out loud moments. Lucy Vine knows how to write great comedy but also relatable and real characters.  

A Million Junes

A Million Junes is a really good book but I wasn’t completely overwhelmed by it. The story is almost like a re-telling of Romeo & Juliet but with magic involved. June O’donnell’s family have had a life long feud with the Angurt family. June who lost her father when she was younger has been told stories all her life about how the Aungurt family always bring bad to the O’donnells. When June and her friend are at a local carnival she meets Sual Angurt and the two instantly have a connection. Although June has been told her whole life to stay away from the Angurt family. Going against everything she’s ever known June and Saul grow closer and together they figure out why the two families dislike each other so much. June families home is build on a thin place, essentially a passage from our world to the afterworld, her home is said to be magical. There are two ghosts that live in the area surrounding her home Feathers and Nameless, Nameless only ever appears when something bad is going to happen.

Together June and Saul travel through memories to figure out their families curse and finally try to let go of the fued that’s kept their families apart for so long.

Like I said A Million Junes was a good book and I did fly through it but it didn’t amaze me. It felt a little far fetched and a little predictable in some places. Its a very easy light  read if you’re looking for a good beach read or just something quick and easy.

How To be and Overnight Success

I did like this one to begin with and I loved finding out how she started her business. How she went through many different jobs to before she started her business. Don’t get me wrong I love reading these types of books all about how people started out but I really don’t like this whole mentality of if you don’t do x,y & z you’ll never work out. And yes of course I completely get that because that’s how these businesses have been successful. But that’s how it worked for one company and one person but you read another and they did it completely different and they’re still successful. So it’s kind of a bit draining reading this is the only way to do it type of thing. Fair to say I gave up on this book halfway through..

One in a  Million

One in a Million is all about Annie Higgins  a digital marketer with her own digital marketing  company. When given a bet from a friend to make someone insta famous in 30 days she accepts the challenge with the first guy who walks through the door. When Historian Dr Samuel Page walks through the door looking like Tom Hanks in part 2 of Castaway and is using a flip phone.. Yes a flip phone and is completely against social media. Annie thinks she’s lost the bet there and then but she is determined to make this historian insta famous.. Sam isn’t going to make this easy for her but she finds herself warming to his unique tendencies. While learning about what she really wants she pulls him out of his shell. And out of his beard to revel a pretty handsome man.  

I loved this book! Lindsey Kelk in one of my favourite authors her books are always great, I loved her I Heart Series. But this one is by far her best stand alone novels.  One in a Million is very different to her other books. It was modern day retelling of My Fair Lady with a twist.

I think the whole premise of the book was fantastic, Annie was a real badass boss. Lindsey Kelk knows how to write real and relatable characters and there is so much in this book I related too. Maybe a little too much..

The Pieces

Okay so I’m not sure how I feel about this one.. It was incredibly written but it was a tough read. Lucy has just broken up with her long term boyfriend Jamie. And is in the middle of writing her thesis decides to spend the summer at her sisters house in Venice beach. While there Lucy falls for merman theo.. Yes merman. Like I said I’m not sure how I felt about this one, it was a strange one. There was a lot of focus on love and how we deal with love.

There was a lot of emphasis on the high you get from love. The high you get from speaking to someone new or being admired by the person you like. Having a bit of attention or wanting from the person you like. I think that’s something we can all relate to. There was also a strong mental health theme running throughout the book. Which was a very powerful part of the story and I think was really the main focus in the book.

Although the plot was about Lucy and Theo and what he made her feel. Theo was very much a side plot I think. It took a long time for him to be introduced and he wasn’t in it very much. Got to say it wasn’t what I expected, it was a little tough to read at times but still a good book.

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