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Life Update – Why I gave up Dating Apps, Blogger Meet Ups and Tv Shows

Life Update
Life Update

Back with a little life update / 3 things that’s been happening lately. Taking why I gave up on dating apps, blogger meet-ups and tv that I’ve been loving lately. First I want to talk about this outfit. It has been my go to outfit lately. I just love the mix of black with denim which a few months ago I wouldn’t have even put together but now I can’t get enough.  So when it comes to posting outfit shots I’m going to have to start getting creative otherwise they all look the same.. Okay enough rambling on about the outfit because I could go on & on.

Why I Gave Up on Dating Apps

Over the past two years I’ve been on and off dating apps purely just to see what all the hype was about. I’ve tired Bumble, Happen and Tinder and had no lucky with any. Aberdeen also isn’t the best place to test out dating apps. I matched with a few people but most never speak or when you do speak its not much of a conversation. I’ve been on a couple of date but they’ve never amounted to much. So at this point I was quite frankly getting bored of endless swiping. It felt more like a chore rather than something that’s supposed to be fun. I’m taking the if you stop looking it will come approach to dating now. I’m letting it play out for itself and if it’s meant to be happen it will happen.

Blogger Meetings

The other week I attened a blogger wine and cheese night for an upcoming event (more on that soon..) it was a great chance to meet some local bloggers that I’ve never met before. I left the meet up feeling so inspired! Its so nice to sit down with people who actually  wanted to talk about blogging. Its hard sometimes talking to friends and family about it because they know its there but I sometimes feel I bore them if I speak about it too much. So it was nice to sit down and just chat all things blogging and getting to know each other.

Blessed Be The Fruit

Season 2 of The Handmaid’s Tale has been pretty incredible. To begin with I’d heard a few mixed reviews. And wasn’t too fussed about it but its been getting stronger with every episode. Each epsiode has me hooked from start to finish.  Outlander Season 4 Teaser Trailer was released a couple of weeks ago! I don’t have the right words to express how excited I am for season 4.. The wait has been too long and we’ve still got another 4 months to go. I also finished Grimm at the weekend and I don’t know what to do with myself now that it’s done. The ending was really good & so dramatic I kept saying I was only going to watch one episode but I kept putting more on

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