How I Schedule my Instagram & Twitter Content

Following on from my last post on how I edit my instagram photos. I thought I’d carry on the series and share how I organise and plan my content schedule for sharing my instagram images. As well as how I schedule my tweets too because I would be lost without apps to help me schedule things.

When it comes to sharing content I can be so forgetfull, there is so many different platforms now to share and publish my blog posts. There’s Instagram, Instagram Stories, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook am I missing anything? There is just too many to keep track of. So In my Bullet Journal I have a content calendar that i really need to use more of especially for social media.

There will be days where I can get content on each platfrom. Then there’s days where some platforms won’t see content for a week or two. The two that I try and focus on the most is Instagram and Twitter. As they are the two that I use the most and the two I find the easiest to schedule for.


Since I work full time I like to have my photos pre-planned for the week. So that all I have to do is go into the app and share them. For this I use the app Mosaico and its one of my favourite apps on my phone. It is essentially a place where you can upload your photos and plan out your instagram grid. For a perfectionist like me this is like liquid gold. I love the organisation of it all.

I know instagram is supposed to be instant but with a blog you gotta plan it out. With Mosaico you can schedule everything for the image placement in your grid to the caption and hashtags. The only thing it won’t do is actually publish the image for you. You still have to go into the app a publish it yourself but Mosaico makes it so easy. Once you hit publish it takes you straight to instagram where all you have to do it adjust your photo, and paste the caption into the capiton box.. Yes thats right it copies your pre-written caption so all you have to do is paste it in, tag any brands or people, add a geo-tag and hit share. Easy as that.


When it comes to twitter I have a little bit of a love hate relationship with it. Some days I’ll love it some days I hate it and I much prefer scrolling through and reading peoples tweet rather than writing my own. Because lets face it mine just aren’t that funny and I take too long to explain my sarcastic tweet.

I end up just tweeting in gifs 50% of the time. That is why I love the app Hootsuite as it allows me to schedule tweets on the days I love twitter for the days where I hate it. Hootsuite allows you two write up your tweets then choose when you want it to be shared and they do all the work for you. I use this espically when it comes to sharing blog posts on twitter, I usally try to remember on a sunday night to schedule all the blog tweets for the week and then try reshare them at some point throughout the week.

If you have a blog I definitely recommend you download these two apps they will be so much help and they’re free!

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