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Denim Skirt
Denim Skirt
I’m not usually much of a skirt girl we don’t usually get weather hot enough to get your legs out.

But this year I have been after a denim skirt for the whole summer season. I love how it can be styled so many different ways. I paired it with my trusty Zara black tee and  my black mules for a simple but classic look that lets the accessories do all the talking. I’ve added my YSL Kate handbag which just adds so much to any outfit. The charcoal and black hard-ware of the bag makes the bag very stylish and just adds a bit of detail to the whole look.

I like how the skirt can be dressed up or down. I’d pair the skirt with trainers or sandals for a more casual, relaxed look. I think a denim skirt is such a key staple to have in your wardrobe. Why it’s taken me so long to add one to my wardrobe I don’t know. As they say with fashion what’s old becomes new again. I’m excited to style this skirt up different ways I just hope the scottish summer stays for a little longer.

This Denim Skirt is from none other than Zara. Yes zara has been my go to shop this summer and I feel like almost every outfit I’ve posted lately has featured one or another zara piece. It really is one of my favourite high street stores and the price points are always really good. Especially for fast fashion pieces high street stores such as zara are perfect for getting the seasons key pieces without breaking the bank. With these pieces I know I’ll be getting my cost per wear whenever I wear them. Zara is the only place that I could actually get a denim skirt to cover my ass too.. It was the only one with enough stretch that doesn’t feel like its cutting into you whenever you wear it. Although it rides up while I’m walking so I’m consantly pulling it down every time I walk.. Sexy right?

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