September Reading List


Another month another selection of books.. This month has been a bit sporadic with books, I’ve been starting ones I’ve read before then stopped halfway through. I’ve read a tone of samples on my kindle but not found any that I’m in the mood to read.

I do however have a few to share with you today and as always you can read every other months under the books tab at the top.

Devil Wears Prada

I have been wanting to read the Devil Wears Prada for years as I loved the film so much. I thought the book would be much the same. It was really good but it was a bit of a slow read. The film is roughly based on the book, I was surprised how much was actually changed. I have to say I think I prefer the film better. Andy is a lot nicer in the film, in the book I found her character really unlikeable. I work in fashion so I did sympathise with Andy in certain aspects of the book. If you like the film don’t ruin it by reading the book.

The List

The List follows .. who after a bad break up comes up with a list of sexual act she’s been too scared to try. Acts she wants to complete within the year. Everything from threesomes to role playing is on this list. So she proposes to her best friend Oliver that he should be the one to help her. The List is the perfect chick-lit, trashy book, that is a quick read. It was also very funny and I think her hesitations in the bed room is something we can all relate too.

This Is Going To Hurt

I’d heard so many good things about This Is Going To Hurt that I had to give it ago.. This is not my usual type of book but I’m so glad I read it. This is going to hurt is written by ex- doctor now comedy writer Adam Key detailing his time working for the NHS in the Gyno and obstetrician wards. This book is very funny and is a real insight into what it’s like working as a doctor and for the NHS. A lot of it surprised me as I never knew what really went on in behind the hospital doors. But be warned this book will make you laugh and will make you cry.


Okay I’m not going to lie I did buy this book purely for the pretty cover.. I know that’s bad but it is a great cover.  I’d also never read any Nora Ephron books before. But I love her movies, You’ve Got Mail and When Harry Met Sally are two of my favourite films. So I wasn’t surprised when I loved Heartburn, Nora Ephron really is an incredible writer. The book is all about cookbook writer Rachel who’s seven months pregnant and finds out her husband is having an affair. I’m not married so I didn’t think I’d like a book all about marriage. But this book was so good and very funny. You really start to sympathise for Rachel’s character. I found myself screaming in my head at her to just leave him. Another light read that really surprised me in the end.

Matchmaking for Beginners

Okay I loved this book. It was so cute. Blix a matchmaker who believes in magic is dying from cancer. She has come to terms with it and it really waiting around for her time to come. While at a christmas party she meets her Great-Grandnephew  Noah’s new bride to be and instantly feels a connection with her. Marnie is charmed by Blix instantly but doesn’t understand why Blix is so obsessed with her.

Fast Forward 5 months and the marriage over as soon as it begins & Marnie moves back home. She then receives a letter informing her of Blix’s passing and that she’s has left Marnie her Brooklyn Home. With one stipulation she must stay there for three months before she sells it. Along with the Brooklyn home comes a house full of characters all who are close to Blix. Jessica & her son Sammy, Lola Blix’s best friend and reclose Patrick. Marnie is taken by all characters and spends her time in Brooklyn finding out why Blix picked her to keep the house. Only to realise that’s where she was supposed to end up all along.

Like I said I loved this book, the whole story line was so cute. It talked alot about signs and how we know something is meant to be. I for one really believe that everything happens for a reason. Matchmaking for Beginners was all about begin in the right place at the right time. Believing that things will work out.

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