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Olympus Pen Review

olympus pen
olympus pen
About a year later i’m finally getting round to writing a review on my Olympus Pen E- PL8 camera.

Like i said I’ve had the Olympus Pen for over a year now and it’s such a handy camera to have. It is great for a tech dummy like me.

I’ve always loved taking photographs even as a kid i’d go about with toy cameras pretending to photograph everything. As i got older and while I was in school I took an after school photography class, granted it was because i fancied a boy in the class but I ended up loving learning all about photography.

6 years later I still don’t know the difference between aperture and f-stops but i usually just wing it and go by my eyes instead.

I don’t recommend doing it that way.. I keep telling my self I need to learn and I know one controls the light but I can never remember which way around they go. So i end up just fiddling with the controls until I think the lighting looks right.. It leads to a lot of discarded photos let me tell you..

After having a cannon DSLR for years, which I loved and still use every so often. I wanted something light and compact for travelling, carrying around in my handbag. Something that was easy to shoot blog photos on. Something that easy for my sister and mum to use as they are the people behind CITC’s photographs. I can praise the Olympus Pen E-PL8 enough. Its perfect for everything i need it for.

I did a lot of research before I purchased the camera and read a tone of reviews. Many from fellow bloggers and seeing they way there photos looked sold the camera for me. I remember reading someones post and she said how her photos instantly improved after she got this camera and I completely agree.

Okay lets talk about the actual body and lens of the camera. I have the black and silver.

I went for the slightly newer E- PL8 version. It has a flip down screen perfect for selfies or vlogging. I haven’t used this feature as much because I think it makes my face look a bit funny. This camera also has wifi which allows you to connect it to your phone and use your phone as a remote control. This is one feature which I love about this camera. As it allows me to shoot photos on my own without help from family members. Meaning I can instantly upload them right too my phone too through the app.

I have two lens the 45mm Lens and the 14-42mm lens. I really like the 45 lens and its the one I would say I use the most. And its the one I use for shooting all my blog photos. Its quite a close up lens so it gives this great depth of field to any photograph. Perfect for having your subject in focus with the back ground blurred or vice versa.

The 14-42mm lens is the one lens I’ve used a little less. This one is a bit more of a wider angle and I prefer this one for travelling and shooting video. It makes the camera a little more compact which means its perfect for fitting into handbags and carrying about all day.

For someone who loves cameras but doesn’t know the complete ins and outs this is a perfect camera and the settings are all really easy to use.

I try to shoot in manual most of the time and just adjust the settings accordinly or until I think it looks right. It can lead to some fantastic photos. For my mum and sister who usually take my photos this camera is really simple for them to use. I’ll usually use them as the model set up the camera then switch places so all they have to do it click a button.

I can definatly see myself going for more of the Olympus Pen cameras in the future. I really like using the E-PL8 camera and find it so easy to use and its the perfect camera for being on the go. If like me you don’t know too much about cameras and the ins & outs of all the settings. Go for an Olympus Pen and you won’t be disappointed. I’ve had a few different cameras  similar to this one over the years and nothing has compared to it.

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