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Friendships – Why not having a lot of friends is okay.

I’ve never had a big group of girl friends. I’ve had close friends and best friends but never a girl gang group.

Growing up watching Friends, then watching Sex and The City as I got older I always felt I was missing out on having that group of friends. But I’ve come to realise you don’t need a big group of friends. You just need the ones you can turn to when shit hits the fan.. The friends that will be there for you in the hard times and the best times. The friends who one minute you’re in a deep conversation then the next you’re crying with laughter.

As you get older too you realise who your close friends are and you begin to lose touch with others. You grow apart, you don’t need them in your life as much anymore. Or you don’t have time to hold onto a half assed friend ship. There’s nothing wrong with losing touch with old friends. We all grow up and move on.

It’s the ones that stick around no matter where you are or how busy are the keepers.

When I was a teenager I always thought I had a 3 year limit on friends. I now realise that we just grew up and grew apart from each other. I used to think I was a bad friend because we stopped speaking but I now realise that we were children. We made the small things the big things. And thought it was worse than it was. I’ve now bumped into  these old friends years after we’ve stopped speaking and there’s never been any bad blood. It was just very civil and nice. We all forget those silly little things as we get older.

I had this one friend who we were friends since we started school, we’d stay at each others houses, see each other almost everyday. All the way from Primary School to Secondary School. By 3rd Year of Secondary school we stopped speaking and we’ve never spoke since. Looking back at our friendship over the years we were good friends to each other but we were also bad friends to each other.. We fought constantly, one was always a little bit jealous of the other we just were very different people and I think as we grew up we began to realise that.

I think school is the best and worst time for friendships as you can have some of the best memories with your friends but they you can also have the worst memories. Fighting with each other not getting along, and eventually not speaking to each other. That being said as you get older you learn who your real friends are, you become a better friend and you realise that there isn’t just one type of friend.

The Childhood friend

Like i said I don’t speak to any of my childhood friends anymore and I always used to worry that I was missing out because I didn’t have that childhood friend. I always used to think I was weird for not having a childhood friend but its not, not everyone still speaks to the friends they had when they were children.

The Friend you know is always there

The friend that is always there is a friend that you maybe don’t see each other all the time but when you do see each other it’s like you seen them yesterday. My best friend and I don’t see each other all the time and sometimes don’t even speak for days on end. But I know that she’s always there for me. When we do see each other we just pick up where we left off and it means we have so much to catch up on every time we see each other. We’ve been friends since 3rd year, we’ve been through so much together, we’ve seen each other at our worst and our best.

Your Oldest Friend

The Oldest friend kind of ties into your childhood friend but I met my oldest friend when we started academy. We became really close friends in 3rd year and have been friends ever since. Like I said above we have been through so much together, we’ve fought, we’ve laughed, we’ve seen each other drunk, we’ve seen each other through all our relationships, the hard times and the good times. We have so many great memories and some terrible (absolutely brilliant) photos together. We used to do mini photoshoots I will save those they are too embarrassing at this point.

The Work Friend

The work friend.. The one person who makes your work bearable. The one who will understand you moaning  about work because she just gets it. Who is there to tackle the difficult customers or difficult boss along with you. The one you can vent to and they one who will make your shift so much fun. Finding a friend through work is one of the best things.

Funny story my work friend is now one of my closest friends. She left our work a year ago and work has never been the same without her. We talk every week on the phone and see each other almost every week too.

Your Closest Friend

As I said my work friend has now become one of my closest friend. She’s the first one I contact whenever anything good or bad happens. We chat every week and we just get each other. We get on so well we can go from laughing one minute to being in a serious conversation the next.  

You don’t have to have lots of friends to feel like you have real friendships all you need is a few great ones. Who will be there for you and who you’ll be there for too… when the rain starts to fall.. Sorry had to ..

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