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5 Ways for Staying Creative

I’m a very creative person i think that’s why I love blogging so much because you have so much creative freedom.

You can put your own spin on things. In school I was the same I thrived at subjects like Art and creative writing. But I also loved learning about history and current events. One thing I’ve always said though is that I’m not book smart, I don’t test well at all. I’m not very good at writing academic essays. Where as some people do really well at these things I was always the opposite.

Even when it comes to the blog, I’m always trying to improve my writing and trying not to compare my blog content to others. I try to be witty and sarcastic but it never seems to work. I always end up over explaining things and tend to waffle on. From years of writing on the blog and from years and years of writing essays for school, college and university. I’ve picked up a few tips on how to keep creative. How to concur that dreaded essay, how not to waffle on. How to stay creative when you feel like all else fails.

Step Away

One thing I find helps me so much when I’m struggling to write is to step away from the project. Step Away for a hour, a day then go back read it over again and you’ll look at it from a different perspective. When I’m struggling with a bit of  writers block I always step away from whatever it is I’m writing it and go back to it when I have a fresh mind. I’ve seen myself sometimes have an idea for a post, write up a few lines then be stuck on where to take it next. If I leave it for an hour or sometimes even a week and when I go back to it, it some how all just fits together.

Write It Down

One thing I’ve learned writing blog posts is if you have an idea, whether that be a sentence for a post or even just a title. Write it down because theres a chance you’ll forget it and once its out of your head you’re never getting it  back. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve thought of a great paragraph for a blog post and not written it down in the moment so when I came to write the post I completely forgotten what I wanted to say.

I use either a notebook to jot down ideas or if I’m on the go I open a google docs page and just make some notes to go back to later.

Plan It out

Following on from these two tips planning out what you’re going to write can be helpful.

I hated writing out plans for my essays in school. It just never made sense to me because 60% of the time i’d never follow it or  look at it again. That being said I have taken some of that planning skills from school into how I write my blog posts. I don’t so much plan them out but when I’m putting together a post my thoughts are usually all over the place so I get down as much as I can even if it doesn’t make sense. Then I will go back a re-wright it properly fitting it all together.

Change It Up

I am always trying to improve my work, or find new ways to be creative. As well as finding new ways to keep things different.  Whether be changing up the blog layout, to improving my writing skills. Or going out and taking photographs in a new location or at a different setting. Even changing up the way I edit my photos, finding new presets or a new look to my photographs. Just changing little things or learning a new technique can keep that creative buzz going.

Finding Inspiration

Whenever I’m stuck for inspiration I’ll look to other bloggers and their blog posts. Or I’ll go through instagram or pinterest and save a few photos that inspire me. Usually then I’ll have some fresh inspiration. Now this doesn’t mean go in a steal people’s ideas or copy what they’ve done exactly. That will never work, you have to put your own spin on things. Yes maybe one bloggers has written a post on a topic you’re interested in and you think to yourself I could write about that too.. Well write about it but write it from your point of view, in your voice because you will have a completely different take on that topic. So look for inspiration just don’t copy.

These are just a few of my tips on how to stay creative, how to get out of that creative slump or over a case of writer’s block. I hope these help but if you have any others to share leave them in the comments.

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