October reading

October Reading

October reading

October Reading list I read some great books this month yet again. As always you can read the rest of my book round ups in the book tab at the top.


Holland has a crush on the cute subway busker Calvin she just hasn’t got the courage to speak to him. So much so she goes 10 block out her way just to see him. When her Uncle needs a new musician for his orchestra Holland suggests Calvin. When offered the job Calvin reveals he’s in nyc illegally Holland comes up with a solution so solve everyone’s problem. She will marry Calvin for the run of the show. Only the two begin to fall for one another and can’t keep their hands of each other either.

I’ve read a few Christina Lauren books in the past and they are known for being quite steamy. And Roomies is just that there is this constant will they won’t they feeling throughout the book. It’s a classic rom-com book

To Save A Forrest Virgin

Another great book from one of my favourite authors Joshua Humphreys. To Save A Forrest Virgin is a play about 4 people all who are brought together by one characters manipulative brother. Joshua knows how to write comedy and this one was just as funny as his other two books. A mix between modern and old, Joshua promotes the play as “Sex in the City but in better english” and it is just that. It’s never a genre I thought I would like but I loved it!  I will read anything Joshua writes he has a way with words that just makes you want more.

The one

Lizzy is weeks away from getting married to her fiance Josh when her ex boyfriend Alex suddenly comes back home. He left her without warning and she never heard from him again. After spending years getting over him she has finally moved on. Only when Alex drops a bombshell on Lizzy she starts questioning whither Josh is really the One or if its been Alex all along.

This one will tug on your heart strings it left me in tears by the end of the book. I won’t give any spoilers I promise. The book runs on two storylines one leading up to the wedding and one where Alex & Lizzy are together in the past. It’s a quick little read and one that will surley leave you in tears.

The Secret of Witches

Following 5 generations of the Orchies women The Secret of Witches tells the tale of mothers and daughters and the secret their family has kept for centuries. The Orchies women are a long line of witches each passing on the craft to their daughters and each keeping the secret from everyone else. The book is set in the 19th century and i thought the story was really good. The book is divided into 5 books each covering a different mother/daughter storyline. There were some characters storylines I prefered more than others and I kind of wish it focused on them more than others but it was still a really good read. If you’re a fan of the Discovery of Witches books then you’ll like this one.

The Man Who Didn’t Call

… and eddie spend a week together when they part ways he promises to call.. 15 days later still no call, no text nothing. Leading .. to go a little crazy over the fact he never called her back. Only both Eddie and .. are hiding huge secrets that if either found out the others it could break everything they had.

This book was a bit of a shock, it wasn’t expecting the outcome at all. We’ve all been there been speaking to someone then all of asudden you never hear from them again. Ghosted if you will so I realted to .. side of the story and it actually had me crigning at parts thinking god we can’t be that bad.

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