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22 Things I’ve Learn’t by 22

22 things
22 things
When I was younger I thought that by the age of 22 I’d be married, have an amazing career and maybe even be thinking about having children… So I’m 22 tomorrow and I have none of that & I’m so far for having any of it either. And you know what I’m perfectly okay with that.

In my 10 year old eyes 22 was the ideal adult age. As I’ve got older and closer to the age of 22 I realised how crazy that thought process was. I’m far from a fully functioning adult. I have no romantic prospects.. zero .. and I definitely won’t be thinking about never mind having children for at least another decade.

I may not have all the things I expected to have at 22. I may not know what type of career I want or have a relationship with someone. Or may not know how to function like a normal adult but I have learnt a few good things in my 22 years here. So in today’s post I’m sharing 22 things I’ve learned in 22 years.

I have come to realise that 50% of what happens in Friends is pretty accurate for your 20’s.

You will kiss a few frogs – trust me on this, not every guy you kiss is going to be your prince charming..

You will get hurt and it will be hard but just know that it will get easier.

You’re never going to need 14 pairs of pants for a 5 day holiday..

Gin tastes amazing and doesn’t give you a stinker of a hangover the next day.

Find friends who you can share everything with, who you will be laughing with one minute and confiding in in the next

Sex is amazing & finding someone who is pretty great at it is amazing too.

Always pee after sex

Cry it out it will always feel better after a cry

Travel as much as you can

Money’s never important

The people who matter will always stick around

Dating is the hardest thing you’ll ever do

Letting go of someone isn’t easy but sometimes it’s for the best.

Not everyone’s going to like you – you’re not going to like everyone either.

You may not have your dream job yet but it doesn’t mean you’re never going to find it.

You’ll never regret a workout

But you will regret some of those impulse purchases

Although nothing will haunt you like the things you don’t buy

If it’s meant to be it will be – You just have to trust that it will all work out in the end.

Getting your hopes up will mostly lead to disappointment

It’s better to learn to pay your own way rather than have everything handed to you

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