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10 Reasons why I Love New York

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My bags are almost packed, I’m ready for a week in my favourite city. I’m so happy to be heading back to New York and I can’t wait to spend the week wondering about the city. It honestly makes me so happy whenever I’m in NYC it feels like home to me. So for today’s post I’m sharing 10 reasons why I love NYC.. Enjoy

It feels like Home

Never have I had a city the feel so much like home to me. I can wonder about New York and feel content for hours.I love how friendly most of the people are and I love that every time I come back it feels like coming home.

Rockefeller Centre

One of my  favourite places to visit in NYC is the Rockefeller Centre. Yes it’s touristy and yes it’s busy but there’s just something about it that makes me love visiting there every time.

Central Park

As much as I love visit the Rockefeller Centre I think I love visiting central park more. Whether that taking a stroll through the park or people watching in the mall. There’s a reason central park is the hub of New York City. It feels like you’ve stepped into a movie scene, I could literally spend hours just walking around the park.

Hours of Wondering Around

One thing that you can do in New York is walk and wonder the streets as there will always be something to see around every corner. I will walk anywhere in New York, I’ve seen myself walking 10 sometimes 20 blocks just because there’s so much to see you don’t want to miss anything.

Riding the subway

One of my favourite  ways to get round the city is subways. They are surprisingly easy to navigate Just as long as you go in the right subway entrance.

Black & White Cookie

A New York staple! You can’t visit New York without sampling a Black and White Cookie. Sponge cake with white icing and chocolate icing what’s not to love!

How late everything’s open

When I’m at home I’m a grandma I don’t go out after 7 but in NYC I will go out until late. Because everything’s open until late. When I stayed there over the summer I loved heading out in the early evening and taking a stroll around the neighbourhood or going out and grabbing some food.

The Upper West Side

The upper west side is my favourite neighbourhood in nyc I think that’s because that’s where I stayed the two summers I was in nyc. I love nothing more than wondering around the upper west side.. even the people living in this neighbourhood are proper old fashioned New Yorkers.


No matter where you go in New York you feel like you’ve stepped onto the set of a movie. Some of my all time favourite movies were filmed in New York and it can be so fun hunting down all the spots from the movies.


I’ve never visited a city that’s more photogenic than NYC. I have thousands of photos already and I’ll probably come back with hundreds more. There’s so much beauty in the city it’s hard not to photograph it all.

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