leopard print

Leopard Print Booties

leopard print

I held off for a long time but I finally gave in to the leopard print trend. I kept it subtle and went with something easy like boots because they can be worn with lots of things. It’s Also probably the only item I’d get most wear out of. I really like the idea of a leopard print skirts but I just don’t think I could pull it off.  Plus I’d never get the wear out of it either.

I also think shirts are too overdone it’s like everyone and their mother has got a leopard print shirt.. It also comes down to the actual print too. Its got to be the right shade & the right print.

These topshop boots are the perfect shade and style. They’re not too high and they go pretty much anything.

I’m always a little scared when it comes to prints I never know if I suit them. So I think shoes are the perfect way to incorporate the trend. Plus these boots are perfect for autumn. I’ve also always been a little hesitant of leopard print in general always worry its a little Kat Slater looking..

You’ll be seeing a lot of these over the next few months.

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