New York Resturants
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Best New York City Restaurants

New York Resturants
In all the years I’ve visited NYC I never gave the restaurants much thought… big, huge mistake.

New York City is known for its fabulous restaurants. So I ask myself why have I never taken the opportunity to try more of them. I’ve tried a lot of their good cafe’s but not Restaurants. So this trip I made it a priority to test as much restaurants as I could. One thing I did learn though is there too many brilliant restaurants and too little time

If you seen my big New York City Guide post you’ll see I’ve listed some of the best places to visit. I felt though that the Restaurant’s needed a whole post on their own. Mainly because some are too good not to share in more detail.

The Spotted Pig

This was my favourite meal of the whole trip and the one place I was so excited to try. I was a little worried I wouldn’t get seated as it’s a very small restaurant. You also can’t book any tables so timing is key with this one. I got seated at the bar which I was fine with ( it makes this whole dining alone so much easier) I went for the famous burger and string fires and let me tell you it was the best burger I’ve ever had. I’m not the biggest burger fan but The Spotted Pig is famous for its burger. So I knew I had to give it a try and I wasn’t disappointed. Located in the west village not far from the Friends Building it’s a great little spot. The whole vibe of the restaurant is great. definitely recommend

New York Resturants
La Pecora Bianca

La Pecora Bianca was my first meal of the trip and it was one of my favourites. I went for the tomato pasta dish and it was incredible. For something so simple it tasted so good. I also had a glass of wine with my meal which I don’t usually do but it went so well with the meal. This would be a great restaurant if you want a few drinks and a great dinner.


This restaurant was an Instagram find and all the pictured looked great! It’s newly opened up on the East Side and I thought it be perfect for one of my meals. I decided to book a table for the Monday night. Unless you have a big group I don’t think you’d need to book especially for a weeknight. It was pretty quiet while I was in there but that could be because its stilL fairly  new. I went for the burger again and it was okay. It’s not the best burger and fries I’ve ever had but it was still good. I think the Spotted Pig has ruined me for burgers

Two Hands

A favourite of mine which I discovered on my trip last year Two Hands is a cute little Australian cafe in soho. They do the best almond croissants and coffee. I’ve yet to try their other breakfasts. What can I say i stick with what I like but seeing all the food getting delivered to tables makes your mouth water.

New York Resturants
Mason Kaysers

MAson Kyser is a staple in New York there is so many dotted about the city. I visited the 5th Avenue location on my first morning and went for the almond croissant and coffee. I know I never change, but this was so good. The coffee was incredible and the almond croissant was out of this world. It was so crispy and the inside was Devine! Would definitely recommend if you’re after a quick lunch or afternoon sweet treat


This is another one that had been on my list for ages but I still never got a chance to try it out until this trip. Bubby’s was good but it wasn’t the best meal of my whole trip.  I think that was partly my fault as when I went I wasn’t too hungry so I just ordered a turkey sandwich. I didn’t get a chance to try out their famous chicken and Buttermilk Biscuits. Next time I will.

Bill’s Bar and Burger

I never had time to go here this trip but Bill’s Bar and Burger became a favourite on my trip last year. Perfect for a quick burger try their sliders they are so good! It’s definitely a afterwork/ lunchtime spot for a lot of NYC workers so its always busy. They also have a few locations across the city too.

Joe & The Juice

Joe & The Juice is not so much a restaurant more of a juice bar / take out place. I stopped off here for a quick breakfast smoothie and I wasn’t disappointed. They do a variety of different fruit smoothies I went for a classic berry mix one. I wish I got the larger size because I finished it pretty quickly and could definitely done with more.

Hale & Hearty

Hale & Hearty was a find from my trip last year and I visited again this time around. They are a lunchtime soup restaurant and the offer a variety of different soups and salads to take out. My favourite was the chicken & vegetable with noodles. It’s the perfect stop for a quick light lunch while your out & about. There is a few locations all over the city so its pretty easy to find.

Shake Shack

I couldn’t do a New York Best Restaurant list and not mention Shake Shack. Its one of the best fast food places in NYC. I love their hotdogs, its the perfect place for a quick bit to eat. Especially if you’re in the mood for some greasy fast food. There was one a couple of blocks from my hotel. So as soon as I arrived on the Friday I dumped my bags and headed straight there.

The Butchers Daughter & Jacks Wife Freda

This post is getting really long so I thought I’d put these last two together. I’m sure you’ve seen these two all over instagram. The Butchers Daughter & Jacks Wife Freda are both great breakfast/brunch spots in Manhattan. Jacks Wife Freda so the best avocado on toast and the Butchers Daughter do great Gluten Free Pancakes. A lot of the food at both restaurants are gluten free and vegan too.

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