new york cafe's
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New York Cafe’s

new York Cafe's

New York is known for its coffee or its love of coffee I should say. Practically every person who walked past had a coffee cup in hand. As well as having huge coffee chain dotted across Manhattan there is also a great selection of local New York cafe’s to try. Which is why I  felt that they needed a post all to themselves as there’s too many good ones to share.

Two Hands

A favourite of mine which I discovered on my trip last year Two Hands is a cute little Australian cafe in soho. They do the best almond croissants and coffee. I’ve yet to try their other breakfasts. What can I say i stick with what I like but seeing all the food getting delivered to tables makes your mouth water.

Mason Katers

MAson Kyser is a staple in New York there is so many dotted about the city. I visited the 5th Avenue location on my first morning and went for the almond croissant and coffee ( I know I never change) but this was so good. The coffee was incredible and the almond crossed was out of this world it was so crispy and the inside was Devine! Would definitely recommend if you’re after a quick lunch or afternoon sweet treat. I went back 3 times for coffee over the course of my trip as it was one of the best places for coffee i found.

new york cafe's
Oren’s Coffee

I stumbled upon Oren’s coffee when I was wondering about the upper east side and was craving a coffee. It was one of those times where I just picked the first place I came across and it ended up being a winner. It’s a small little place but they do great coffee.

Magnolia Bakery

A new york staple and probably the most well known bakery in New York. Made famous by being in a episode of Sex & The City. They do the best cupcakes, fluffy sponge with the best vanilla icing on top. I try get one every time I visit the city. They also do this great Banana Pudding dessert.. Way to many calories but it tastes so good!

new york cafe's
Amy’s Bread

Another great place for cakes.. Can you tell I love cake? But I had to try here as its has my name in the title.  They do amazing cakes, fluffy sponge and thick vanilla icing a lot like Magnolia Bakery but better in my opinion. Fair warning though they give you a big slice of cake.


Another great coffee spot in New York. Plus look how cute the cups + decor of the shop are. There is one located just down the block from the Flatiron Building which you can sit in too. The coffee from here is amazing and it’s that proper roasted coffee. Definatly recommend stopping by here if you love great coffee.  

new york cafe's

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