December Reading


Back with another month of books and i’ve got some good books to share with you for December. Its funny while I was writing todays post I went back and read all my posts from throughout the year and it’s pretty crazy how much books I’ve read this year. Its about 79/80 give or take a few.. That’s crazy. While I have read a lot this year lately  I’ve been starting a lot of books not liking them then picking them up a few weeks later and ending up loving them.. Seems to be happening a lot with books at the moment.

The Dinner List

Sabrina turns up to her birthday dinner to find her best friend, her old college professor, her estranged father, Audrey Hepburn and her ex Tobias all sitting at the table. Throughout the course of the evening they talk through her life, touching on love and relationships. By midnight has she resolved any of the issues she has with the people at the table.

The book follows two plot lines one in the past and the other at dinner counting down the time until midnight. I liked this book but I found it really slow to read. I liked the idea that Sabrina could sit down with all these people from her past and almost get a second chance. There were a few moments in the book between Sabrina and Tobias that I think a lot of us can relate too.

The Witch of Willow Hall

Every other month I get into a bit of a reading slump and there’s always one book that pulls me out of that slump. The Witch of Willow Hall did just that! Set in 1800 not long after the Salem Witch Trials Lydia and her family move into Willow Hall after rumours of scandal hit her family. Willow Hall is haunted and only Lydia can see the ghosts that roam the house. When her family is hit by heartbreak Lydia tries to save her family and learns the real truth about herself.

Like I said this book took me out of a reading slump and I did really enjoy it. At times I was hooked by the story line, I love period pieces and supernatural stories. That being said I wouldn’t rave about the book it was a nice easy read though

My Squirrel Days  – Ellie Kemper

I love reading people’s Autobiographies, I like reading about how they got to where they are now and some behind the scenes stories. I guess i’m just a bit nosy really. My Squirrel Days is a collection of essays by actress Ellie Kemper. ( The Office and Bridesmaids) From her childhood to behind the scenes of The Office, to stories from the set of Bridesmaids and her start on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt it has it all. The book is also very funny and had me hooked from the beginning. I couldn’t put it down.

A Simple Favour

Stephanie’s friend Emily goes missing she leaves her son & her husband with no answers. Stephanie whos son is friends with Emily becomes entangled in Emily’s life after her disappearance. Only Stephanie has secrets of her own and is Emily really missing.

I started reading this book a few months ago and didn’t really like it. Then I picked it up one day to give it another go and I read it within 2 days. It turned out to be really good and not what I was expecting. I did guess the twist about half way through but it still had me gripped throughout the whole book.

A passionate love affair with a total stranger

A Passionate Love Affair With A Total Stranger follows workaholic Charlotte who after a slip fractures her pelvis and is unable to work for three months. While resting she sets up a online service to write online dating emails for women. After emailing back & forth with William for her client Shelley, she suddenly realises she has feelings for William and must sabotage their date. Only to get there and find her roomate Sam there too. Whats Sam got to do with it and why is he trying to sabotage their date too.

I started reading this book a few weeks ago but never got into it. SoI picked it up a few weeks later & ended up I really liked it. I mean I guessed the ending pretty much right away. It’s one of those typical, been friends for years then they fall in love type of romance book. You know by now that I love cheesy rom-com books. Ones you can sink your teeth into and read within a couple of sittings. These books are like palate cleansers if you will it gets me back into reading after a reading slump..

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