Winter Essentials

winter essentials
winter essentials

I’ve lived in Scotland all my life and every year  I still don’t feel like i’m prepared for the winter. I never have the right coat or the right boots. When the weather gets horrible I never know what to put on. That being said I do have some of my winter essentials. Today’s post I’m sharing my ultimate winter essentials list.

Woolrich Parka

I got this parka a few years ago and it’s honestly the best investment piece I’ve ever bought.

This is my third winter having this parka and it’s still in great condition, it also keeps you super warm. I’ve wore this with light layers underneath and I’ve still been really warm. The woolrich parka is perfect for all weather types although the hood is a little on the small side but it does still keep you cosy.


Boots are one winter essential I still don’t properly have. I mean i probably should because my feet are always the first thing to get cold but I just can’t find a pair that I love. I’ve tried countless different brands and styles but still can’t find ones I like. Anything I do try makes my feet look massive or like I’m a cast member of the tweenies.. I bought a pair from New Look last winter and they’re actually pretty good for the price but i’m still on the hunt for a decent pair. I’ve found a few that I like and shared them below so I might order a few to try!

winter essentials

Beanie hats are my favourite for winter! For someone who used to hate wearing hats I’m now obsessed with them. I have a great wool pompom hat from Madewell a couple of years ago and this is probably my most worn hat. I also picked up a couple other ones this season i’m loving the ones with a pop of colour. These hats from Zara are super sweet I love the little embellishments on them it just adds a bit of fun to the beanies

winter essentials

There is nothing better than wrapping up with a big blanket scarf and I’m telling you Zara’s soft scarfs are the best. I have 5 or 6 of them in different colours that how good they are. They are the perfect scarf for keeping you warm as they are pretty big and wrap round really well and they are the softest material too. Every time I travel I take one of these scarfs because they are perfect for wearing on planes.

winter essentials

A winter essential post wouldn’t be complete without me sharing some of my favourite knitwear. I love dressing for winter because once you find a great piece of knitwear you’re sorted. My go to is Madewell they do the best knits that will last you years. I bought a few a couple of years ago and they still look brand new. H&M is also great for stocking up on cosy jumpers they have such a variety of styles and for such a great price too.

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