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I’ve started my own business..

I can’t believe I finally get to write that sentence. To finally get to tell you all about my new business I’ve launched. This has been in the works for a while. It’s taken me a long time to get to this moment. There’s been a lot of little parts to work out and piece together. But I’m finally at a stage where I can share it with everyone. In this post I’ll tell you about the business and how it all came about.

First things first the business.

Carmichael Creatives is a small social media marketing business. Set up to to help small local businesses run their social media. To help companies who don’t have the time to dedicate to growing their social media. Or are a bit unsure of the best way to grow their businesses presence through social media.

Why I started the business..

After studying media at university I’ve never really had the chance to use my degree. Aside from the blog I haven’t done anything else media related. Its from the blog that this idea grew. My favourite aspect of blogging is creating content, getting out and taking photos, writing up posts. As much as social media can be a dreaded nightmare it’s also something I love creating content for.

Looking back at old 5 year plans and even ideas for a business project I did in university.

The one thing that kept appearing was Social Media for Businesses. Its as if I’ve almost been subconsciously working towards this for years without even realising it. After speaking to a few business owners and friends who are self employed. Who wished they had someone to do all the work for them. The idea to set up my own little social media marketing company seemed more and more like a possibility.

During the summer I’d been applying for media job after media job. Getting nowhere and being really unhappy in my then retail job.

I didn’t want to just keep moving from retail job to retail job. I felt as if I wasn’t ever going to find a job I could do. Feeling like I wasn’t qualified enough to do these jobs I was applying for. Sitting down and thinking about it I had all these skills from running a blog for 2 almost 3 years. I figured why not create my own job for myself. It’s always been a dream of mine to be my own boss to be self employed an entrepreneur. Whatever you want to call it and it felt the right time to try it. I have nothing to lose so I might as well go for it.

Taking that leap of faith is tricky and during the summer I decided it’s now or never.

So I started the process, started researching the ins and outs of starting a business. After starting working on the business idea in summer. By October I got to the stage where I kept putting it off saying I’ll get round to it one day.

So When it came to my NYC trip in October I decided to quit my retail job. I wasn’t happy there, I dreaded going to work every morning and I had gotten lazy. It felt as if I was constantly just going from work to home and back again day in and day out.  So when the time came I decided to leave my job. With the promise to myself that I had to be serious about starting this business and put all my time into work on it.

So that’s what I’ve been doing since the start of November.

I’ve been attending courses at Business Gateway that help you set up a business. I’ve pieced together all the little details that you don’t even cross your mind. It’s been hard, there’s been days when I felt like giving up. Days where i’ve felt like it’s never going to work.

There’s also been days where I can’t wait to tell people. Where I’ve been creating little bits to share and had so much fun doing so. Day’s where I’ve been so bloody proud that I’ve created something for myself doing it all on my own. It’s giving me a way to continue doing something I love. And I am beyond excited to see where it goes from here. Who knows it could fail in 6 months or it could thrive in 6 months. So whether I’m back at square one or travelling at a million miles per minute I’ll still know that I did this all on my own for myself self and for that I couldn’t be more proud.

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