pink coat

The Pink Coat

pink coat
When it comes to coats I’ve always played it safe. Think monochrome, greys, khaki you get the idea.

Last year I started added a little more colour with a pale pink. Not a huge stretch but it was a stepping stone. This year (albeit we’re only 4 weeks into the year) I took the plunge and went for some colour. I think it paid off. How gorgeous is this pink boucle coat? And it’s from Primark!

I always hold off buying into a coat trend until well into the craze of the trend.

Mainly because I’m a nightmare when it comes to buying coats and jackets. Basically I can never make up my mind. After seeing this oversized, pop of colour style of coat all over my instagram feed I finally decided to give into the trend. After trying out a teddy-bear coat and looking like I’d went out in a blanket I felt like the pink coat was my happy medium.

There’s nothing I don’t love about this coat, it’s perfectly oversized, it keeps you very cosy and the colour is the perfect pink. I actually had to size down 2 sizes in this coat which I’d recommend with this primark coat. Since its meant to be oversized you get away with it and you can still wear thick jumpers underneath.  

I’ve linked the coat above but since you can’t actually buy anything off of Primarks website I recommend you run to your local store to pick up the coat!

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