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Self Care

self care
self care
Self care topics seem to be everywhere at the moment.

We all live such busy lives where we constantly feel like we’re going from one thing to another. Without having any times to ourselves. Making time for yourself each day can be tricky but finding one day or night a week for a little self care can make all the difference.

In today’s post I’m sharing some of my tips on the best ways to unwind and really give yourself some self care.

Put on a Movie

When I’m in a bad mood or just looking for a little self care. My favourite thing to do it put on a good movie. Whether that is a sappy rom-com that makes you cry or a comedy that’ll make you laugh. Either way taking that little time to focus on a movie can make you feel so much better.


This may not seem like the best self care tip but for me this is one of my favourites. Taking an hour or 30 mins out of your day to have a great workout can make you feel 100 times better. Even just taking a long walk can do the world of good.

Have a phone free night.

Having a phone free night is something I’m really going to try in 2019. If once a week you switch off your phone or put it in another room even for a couple of hours. It takes away a certain distraction. Not constantly looking at your phone every 5 minutes, refreshing social media can be a nice change.

I started this last week, I switched off my phone, put on a movie and read for a few hours. I gave myself a goal to read so many pages of the book and without the distraction of my phone I read way more than what aimed for! It was so nice not to be distracted from my phone so I’m going to aim to do this atleast once each week.

Get Pampered

Taking some time out to get pampered will leave you feeling amazing. This is only something I recently started doing but getting a massage can be a great way to practice some self care. It doesn’t have to be a massage either, it could be a facial, getting your hair done or even getting your nails done. You will feel so relaxed afterwords.


Grab a book, your favourite magazines or load up your favourite blogs and sit and read for a an hour. This can help you feel so relaxed too.

At Home Pamper

If you don’t want to pay for any expensive treatments having an at home pamper evening is a good option too. Popping on a face mask, taking a bath or even doing an at home manicure. All can be great ways to have an at home self care evening.

Other ways to Self Care
  • Pop on a Podcast
  • Bake a Cake or Try out a new recipe
  • Take a midday nap
  • Have an early night
  • Take yourself for a coffee

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