Blog Update

blog update
blog update
Okay so i feel that I owe you all an update on the blog and what’s been happening.

I know Cappuccino in the Clouds is still a relatively small blog. With maybe only a handful of readers but it’s something I’m so proud of. While this is still a hobby for me creating content for the blog is one of my favourite things to do. Which is why when it was down for a few days last week. I was doing everything I could to get up back up and running.

So let’s start from the beginning my hosting was due for renewal at the end of January and I decided to switch my hosting providers. Basically if you self host a blog you need a hosting provider to basically be the home for your blog. So i decided to switch to GoDaddy and I transferred everything over.. Well atleast I thought I did.

Basically I hadn’t done it correctly and my blog crashed, stopped working everything kind of went wrong.

So i tried to fix it and being clueless about any HTML or CSS or web developing in general. I broke it even more. Then I tried to retrieve my backup from my old hosting site and it was talking about 3-5 hours to download. I pretty much sat glued to my laptop all day waiting for it to download. Only for it to fail after 3 hours.

In that moment I realised how devastated I would be if I lost it all. 2 years of blog posts and photos that I’ve worked so hard on. I was annoyed, I was frustrated at myself. I know it’s just a little blog that is just my hobby, But it’s took me a long time to get to where I am to be happy with my blog and to be so damn proud of what I’ve created.

So I had two options wait for the download or admit defeat and start the blog from scratch. So I decided to start it from scratch which didn’t come easy because it was like going back to square one. After all that hard work I’d done, I was slowly building up a following and readers where coming back and it all had to be started again.

On the flip side I looked at it as a fresh start. Maybe this was my way of relaunching the blog ( yet again) but in a different way.

It would still be the same content, the same layout, same name but would be my chance to really take it seriously. To really be focused and put even more effort into the blog. It not that I didn’t do that before but I let a few things slip. Backing it up weekly for one which I now know was a huge mistake. But you make mistakes and learn from them and I sure won’t be doing that again.

I have of course been re-uploading some of my favourite posts for the past year. Luckily I  pre-wright my blog posts on google docs and don’t delete them so they are all still there. It will take me some time and getting all the links will take a while. But I will try get as much of my previous content back to how it was.

I also just want to say thank you to everyone who reads and follows the blog it honestly means so much to me!

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