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Blogging in 2019 + My thoughts on Instagram

While righting today’s post I didn’t intend for it to be all about blogging but it kind of ended up that way. Because it turned out I had a lot to say about blogging in 2019.

Before we get into the rest of today’s post I just wanted to quickly mention this outfit. This one was kind of thrown together at the last minute. I had a completely different idea but this one worked out so much better. I paired my topshop grey knit jumper with my river island coated jeans and trainers. Its funny actually forgot I had these jeans until I pulled them out that morning. There’s just something about coated jeans that changes an outfit compared to a regular pair of black jeans! Okay enough about the outfit..

Blogging in 2019

This year I really want to create even more content for the blog. I found last year that whenever I was creating content for the blog I was having the most fun. I’ve seen a lot of fellow blogger taking this approach this year. To be more focused on blog content than social media. Going back to making the blog a bigger focus. I love this idea and it’s made me excited to get back into creating content. I find I worry more about having enough content for Instagram and find that the blog stuff just comes so easy. I worry less about it’s performance and write what I want to write. Compared to Instagram where I feel it’s all about performance and engagement. Constantly making sure I’m doing enough to help my account grow.


Following on from my last point on Instagram and how it feels like it’s a constant up hill battle to keep up with everyone else. As you can probably tell I have a love hate relationship with Instagram ( which I think most of us do at the moment.) While I love creating content for it I constantly feel I could be doing better. Or think why is this not working what am I doing wrong. My following and engagement is constantly up and down. Some days it gets harder to not compare yourself to others.

Feeling like you have to post every day just to keep up is exhausting. I start to worry about the numbers when I always aimed to not worry about that and just create. Then some days I feel like I’m doing great, I love what I post, I’m happy with how everything looks. I think it will always be a love hate relationship and like any relationship you have to take the good with the bad.

Reading more blog

This year I also really want to get back into reading blogs. Before I used to sit down every night or once a week and read through all my favourite bloggers posts. Now it’s more a monthly occurrence and it’s usually just a couple of my go to bloggers. But this year I really want to get back into reading more blogs and find new blogs to read. Like everyone else I think we see a blogger share they’re blog post on instagram or twitter and think I’ll go back and read that later then forget all about it. So this year I’m aiming to get back into the habit of catching up on people’s blog posts.  

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