January Books Pt 2


I know two reading posts in one month but I promise I haven’t read a crazy amount off books in the past two weeks. I just wanted to switch up my posting schedule and have this post at the end of the month instead of the beginning.

While I haven’t read a lot of books this month – mainly reading a couple bigger books.  I have read some great books throughout January. As always you can read my past book posts in the book tab at the top and you can see all the books I have in my book shop page.

Becoming – Michelle Obama

Becoming by Michelle Obama was incredible. I feel like it was the book that everyone’s been reading and I’m not surprised. Detailing all her life from childhood, through her days at Princeton. To being a junior lawyer, her relationship with Barack Obama, becoming a mother. Becoming a politicians wife and becoming First Lady. Sharing her reservations about Barack becoming president and they’re time in the white house.

I didn’t know a lot about Michelle Obama before I started reading this book other than from her time as First Lady. So it was nice to learn more about her and also to see her side of the story.  Reading how she felt about Barack becoming president and what life was like in the white house was really interesting. It gave you a different perspective of the Obama’s. I found myself unable to put it down and picking it up to read every chance I got.

Drums of Autumn – Diana Gabaldon

In Drums of Autumn we see Claire and Jamie’s journey continue in America where they become accustomed to life in the Carolinas and start building themselves a life. Having Indians as neighbours and wild bears clawing at their cabin they learn that life in America isn’t going to be easy. Then their Daughter travels through the stones to warn them of their deaths and again the three try to stop history from happening.

The fourth book in the Outlander series Drums of Autumn is just as good as the books before it. I’ve held off reading this book until I was well into the 4 season of the show, I never read the books before I watch the show. So I’m still only a third of the way through the book  as I don’t want to go past what I’ve seen on the show. So now that the series is finished ( insert crying face here) I’ll finish reading the book.

As much as I love the show the books a pretty great. They just give so much more details and it’s good to see where they stuck to the book and where they changed things.

An Edited Life

I love Anna’s blog The Anna Edit so I knew I needed to read her book An Edited Life too.

I’m always a little on the fence about these type of self help books as they usually give off the idea that if you don’t do x,y & z then it won’t work for you. An Edited life is complete different and Anna mentions that right in her introduction. She says she’s throwing out the rule book and that organising your life is no one size fits all because we all have different areas we want to focus more on. Which means some aspects of the book will be helpful and some might not be for you.

She’s also set out the book in a specific order but in an order that you can flick through pick where you want to start and not have to follow it step by step. Which I love it makes it feel less like a workbook you’re working through. I felt so motivated to get shit done every time I read it. Every time I finished a section of the book i wanted to A) keep reading more & B) actually start organising everything I could get my hands on.

The Plus One

Polly is single and working as a journalist for a society magazine called Posh. When her best friend gets engaged and another gets serious with his girlfriend, Polly feels left out. That it’ll never be her turn. When her friend Lex asks her to be maid of honour Polly wishes she had a plus one. Enter Jasper a son of a Duke and Polly’s interviewee for her latest article. The two start seeing each other but is Jasper her plus one for life or just for right now.

I really wanted to love this books and it turned out a lot different to what I originally thought it would be. But it was good it just had a lot of storylines going on. Which I think made it a little harder to get into. And it was clear about half way through how it was going to end. That being said I did like the ending because who doesn’t love a happy ending.

Truth or Date

Truth or Date follows Ruby who wakes up after having a sexy dream about her roommate Nick. Ruby and Nick don’t get along so she can’t understand why she keeps crushing on him. Her Friend then hatches a plan that Ruby has to make Nick jealous and make him realise what he’s missing.

I really liked this one, if you’re a long time reader you’ll know rom-com novels are my guilty pleasures. So anything where boy meets girl they fall in love will be a winner in my book.

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