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Tips for Decluttering


It’s the beginning of the year and I feel like for the whole month of January all I heard was people clearing out their homes, wardrobes, kitchens. You name it they were clearing it out. I’ll admit I got sucked into the clear out phase too, hitting my wardrobe, beauty drawers, bookshelf any other storage I have. I cleared it all out. Basically I pulled a Monica…

I go by a system if I no longer need it or use it and haven’t done so in the last 6 months then I get rid of it. I either throw it away if it’s damaged, broken. If its sellable I’ll try and sell it on or otherwise I’ll give it to charity.

I also read An Edited Life and this book is amazing for sorting out your life. The book covers everything from budgeting, to sorting out your diary, to home …. And it was so helpful going through each stage and really decluttering and organising it all.

So today I’m sharing some of my tips for decluttering your room, wardrobe you name it. As well as a few tips on organising your life too.

So let’s start with decluttering

To start with give your room a tidy. This gives you a clean palette to work with and you get attack each area at a time so your room doesn’t end up looking like Monica’s secret closet. Pick a section and sort through everything before you move onto something else. I’ve broken down each section and shared my tips & methods for decluttering.


Throw out any out of date products or any products you’ve used and don’t like any more. Clean out your storage because that can get so messy with all the beauty products..yuck. Also this is a great chance to clean your makeup brushes and to find out which products you maybe need to restock on.

Laptop / Desk

I  went through my laptop and deleted any photos I had duplicates of. Also cleared out any documents I no longer needed and tidied anything else into folders. It makes working on my laptop so much clearer. I can’t think straight with a messy laptop or desk. Speaking of desks I also cleared out all my stationary stuff too. I’m usually a hoarder when it comes to stationary, I have so many notebooks, some half empty, some that’s never been used and many which have just been sitting there for months. I finally decided to give a clear out to all my stationary pieces


The big one, every six months or so I will do a complete wardrobe clear out. Take everything out of my wardrobe. Try it all on. Then decide what I’m keeping and what I’m not. I usually split it into 3 piles, Keep, Donate/Sell and Throw Away. Anything that I’m not keeping if its in good condition I’ll try sell it on or donate it to charity.  This time around I ended up selling a few things and finally got rid of some of the pieces I’d been holding onto for too long that needed to go.

These are just a few simple things you can do to declutter your life. Map out enough time to dedicate to decluttering and you’ll feel so much better once its done.

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