Dealing With Back Pain

back pain
back pain
For the past 6 months – a year I’ve been struggling with lower back pain.

I have sciatica and sometimes it can be so painful. Even uncomfortable at some stages as nothing you do will receive it. That being said I have figured out a few ways to combat the lower back pain. I’ve Tried and tested all these remedies and sometimes the work sometimes they don’t. Sciatica is one of those things comes and goes but is also really tough to manage. Mine thankfully comes and goes. I’ve also learned the best ways to deal with it when I get a flare up. As well as the best ways to prevent it getting worse.

Whether you suffer from Sciatica too or just lower back pain next time you are struggling with it try out these remedies.


One thing I found works the best is applying heat to the area. Using a hot water bottle or a heat pad can ease it off a bit. I found myself most nights lying with a hot water bottle as it was the only way to get to sleep that was comfortable.

Hot and Cold

As well as applying heat to the sore area switch it out with hot and cold. So using a cool pack and a hot water bottle switching them every 10-15 minutes eases up the pain so much.

Visit an Osteopath

I can’t recommend this one enough, my osteopath was great and he really helped fix the issue. They give you a deep tissue massage that hurts while they’re doing it but afterwards you feel 1000x better.


After visiting the Osteopath he gave me a couple of stretches to do that really eased the pain. Now I wasn’t always the best at doing these stretches but I noticed when I didn’t do them my back started playing up compared to when I did do them.

Ibuprofen Cream

Another remedy if you will that I tried was ibuprofen cream that you apply directly to the skin. It instantly took the pain away.

Pain killers

Just regular old pain killers can work a treat on any back pain. While they didn’t completely make mine disappear it did make it more manageable


There’s nothing better to take your back pain away than rest. Take it easy, don’t work out, don’t do anything that will put strain on your back. This was a hard one for me as I was uncomfortable sitting still, so little walks did easy it up a bit. That being said I learn’t my limits fast and stopped all workouts and doing anything the would put strain on my back.

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