getting over fear

Getting over Fear, No Spending & Marie Kondo Method

getting over fear
Getting over a fear

The other day I was looking at my recent instagram photos and in almost all of them I’m looking at the camera or the photos feature me in them. And I kind of love them.

I think over time I’ve gotten more comfortable being in front of the camera. When I first started blogging I never posted any photos of myself. Little bit of an issue for a growing blogger. Then when I launched Cappuccino in the Clouds (i’ve had two different blogs) I promised myself that I’d put more photos of myself on the blog. Fast forward a year and I’d gotten really comfortable at taking photos of myself. But I’d always never look at the camera or I’d have sunglasses on. And in Scotland in the winter you feel like a bit of a tit wearing sunglasses on a dull grey day.

Around April last year I did a photo shoot with photographer Madison.

A lot of the shots where of me looking at the camera and I hated it. Hated how my face looked felt like I had a lazy eye in almost every photo. I was scared to post the photos. I had this irrational fear of looking down the camera lens. Now I’ve almost just got used to it now. I end up loving the photos staring at the camera or not. It’s also brings me to my second point my looking back at all the photos I’ve taken from the start of blogging my photos have improved massively. Sometimes I sit and look at my images and think they’re a pile of shite but really it shows how much I’ve improved over the years.

One day I sat down to take some photos & I thought lets just try looking at the camera. I ended up loving the photos & finally figured out the best angles for my lopsided face.. No but all jokes aside. Sometimes it just takes one little thing to get over your fear and sometimes you don’t realise you’re over it until you look back and see a change.

No Spending

This month i’ve set myself a little challenge of no spending. So far it’s going well – something I never thought I’d say.. I haven’t bought anything new or spent any money on takeaway coffee. My two biggest expenses.

I set myself this little challenge after reading An Edited Life and the budgeting section in the book. I felt inspired to make a change in my spending habits.  As I’ve never really saved, put money aside for the future and I wanted to start. I also wanted to stop buying things I don’t really need. While I have gotten better at making conscious purchases I still can go a bit overboard.

So hence the month of no spending. I still have a couple of weeks to go until the end of the month.. I’m just glad February is a short month. But I’m proud of myself for not being tempted and not making any sneaky purchases. I will have a full post coming up in March sharing how I got on and a little bit more on why I decided to do this.

Marie Kondo Method

I started watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix a couple of weeks ago. After watching one episode I wanted to re- organise everything. So I tried out her folding method for your clothes and I’m obsessed. Why have I never tried this sooner? It makes everything so much neater and easier to find. I even did my underwear that’s how Into the process I got.

I did think to myself that it was maybe a bit stupid folding my underwear so small but it makes my underwear drawer look so much neater. Now everything is so much easier to find and it literally makes me so happy opening these drawers and not seeing a mess. I used to think I kept all my folded clothes tidy but constantly pulling things out everyday meant it didn’t stay tidy for long. This way I now looks great every time I open my drawers.. Okay so what can organise now?

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