February Reading

February Reading
February Reading

Warning today’s February Reading post is a long one, I’ve read a lot of books this month. It’s nothing new but I feel like this month I’ve ended up reading a lot more than normal. There’s about 8 book reviews in today’s post but I’ve also read a few more that’s not included.

Right enough of me rambling let’s get to the reviews. There are some great books in this months post and as always you can read my previous posts under the book tab at the top.


Beck walks into Joe’s bookstore and he’s instantly taken with her. He knows he needs to talk to her, find out everything about her, be with her. Joe becomes obsessed with Beck’s every move and makes her want him. One the outside its a picture perfect match but there’s more to Joe than Beck realises and more to Beck than Joe thought too. He’d kill for her but that might just be his downfall.

After watching the Netflix tv Series You I couldn’t wait to read the book. The book is just as good as the show and they’re adapted it really well.  Parts are a little creepy because you are essentially reading the inside of Joe’s head. But it hooks you right from the start.

I Might Regret This

When Abbi Jacobson decided to go on a solo road trip across the country everyone gave her opinions and had questions. But instead she wrote about it in her book I Might Regret This. A collection of mini essays, anecdotes and reflections.

I loved this book and it was exactly what I needed to read last week. I think I maybe finished it in 2 sittings I just couldn’t get enough. It was very relatable and funny. Never having been a big fan of broad city I didn’t know much about Abbi Jacobson so it was an interesting read. Now I really want to go and watch Broad City.

The Proposal

When her boyfriend of 5 months decides to propose to her at a baseball game on the jumbotron Nik instantly says no. When the cameras get into her face Carlos swoops in to save her. Determined she’s not going to fall for another guy right away Nik tries to keep her friendship with Carlos as a strictly friends with benefits type of relationship. But the two can’t stay away from each other.

After reading the authors first book The Wedding Date I was excited to read her latest book The Proposal. While I really liked this book I didn’t like it as much as her first book. The story is that typical boy meets girl romance which I love and the added element of steamy sex makes this story 10x better. Definitely recommend if you’ve also read The Wedding Date!

Dear Mrs Bird

In 1940 London during the second world war Emmy gets a job working at a woman’s magazine. She’s the assistant to the agony aunt section of the magazine and her job is to pick out the best problems to feature in the magazine. Only her boss has a long list of unacceptable topics. Emmy then decides to reply to these women who her boss refuses to reply. Pretending to be her boss Emmy then goes onto helping as much women as she can.

I signed up to the Rare Books Club and this was one of the books they sent ( paid for by myself not being asked to mention it ) It’s not a book I would’ve picked up and read but I ended up really liking it. I love any type of period drama and this one being set in 1940’s was really good.

Calm the Fuck Down

I don’t usually like reading self help books, I find them to be a bit too on the nose. Mainly it’s also because I never really put into practice what they advice which is maybe my own fault. Anyway I usually stray away from self help books but when I seen the title of this book. I knew i needed to read it.

Calm the Fuck Down is Sarah Knights latest self help book all about helping you deal with your freakouts. When you worry for the sake of worrying and helps to figure out how to stop thinking What If and deal with the shit when ( and if ) it ever happens. I now find myself when I start freaking out about something use her methods from the book. It actually helps so much while it doesn’t stop me worrying all together it does make me realise how unnecessary the worrying is.


Arthur Less is a about to embark on a world tour, a get away from life tour. His ex boyfriend Freddie is about to get married, his older ex Robert is in his hospital bed. He’s been told that his new book won’t get published and he’s about to turn 50. Having decided he needs to be away for his normal life he accepts a variety of different offers allowing him to travel for a little while. Less goes to New York, Berlin, Mexico, Paris, Morocco, Italy and finally Japan. Each chapter we see him head to a different destination and take with him a different host of memories from his life.

I really wanted to like this book but I just couldn’t get into it. Told to us by a narrator we see the story of Less’s life in past and present. I went through phases of reading a good few pages to then struggling to get through just one page. That being said I’m glad I read it because it was a great story I just couldn’t get into it enough to really enjoy it.

It’s Not Me It’s Them

Comedian Joel Dommet shares his dating experiences from his teen years to now. From wanting to sleep with only 40 women, to being catfished and finally finding the one. He shares it all as well as what lead him to become a comedian and his time on I’m a Celebrity get me out of here.

I got this book on my kindle I think because it was only 99p at the time and it sounded like a funny book. I remember watching Joel on I’m a Celeb and thought I’ll give his book ago. It was hilarious and I read it in one weekend. Sharing tales of his dating life and a lot of it I think we can all relate too. It’s not so much an autobiography but it was nice to learn some snippets about his life too.

The Illumination Ursula Flight

From a young age Ursula Flight dreamed of being an actress. She would write play for her and her friends to perform and dreamed of one day being on the stage. Set in the 17th century the Illumination of Ursula Flight spans from childhood to her early 20’s. She shares her life from growing up, to being married to a man twice her age at 15 and finally becoming an actress.

This was another Rare Birds Book Club book and to be honest I was a little unsure when it first got delivered. But I gave it a go anyway and I ended up enjoying it. It’s not what I expected but I do love a period piece and this is definitely one. Like Dear Mrs Bird above its not one I would of picked up in a shop myself but it turned out pretty good.

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