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Month of No Spending

Month of No Spending
Month of No Spending
Month of No Spending
Over the course of February I set myself a little challenge of no spending for the whole month.

I’m talking no buying clothes, no takeaway coffees, no unnecessary shopping. You get the idea. And as hard as it was and I was tempted a few times I managed to go the whole month without spending. And here’s why..

Does your twenties ever feel like that episode of Friends where Phoebe, Rachel and Joey bring up the subject of money and that they don’t make as much money as the other three.. The one with 3 Steaks and an Eggplant is the episode. Where Monica, Chandler and Ross go to the concert. But Rachel Phoebe & Joey stay home counting Joey’s fingers because they can’t afford to go. Where Joey orders I tiny tiny pizza and Rachel orders the side salad for their meal.. Yeah that episode

Sometimes I feel like my twenties is like that episode… in fact my twenties is a lot like most episodes of Friends I think that’s what’s so good about it. That episode in particular because we are all at that stage where we all earn different wages.  We don’t usually bring up the subject of money with our friends,

But do you ever feel like your friends don’t get that you don’t make as much money as them?

I’m a firm believer in paying your own way, working to save for the things you want. Knowing when you buy it you’ll have worked hard for it. Also knowing that you can’t live beyond your means. And as nice as that new pair of shoes is or that new top is we get to a point where spending money on things you don’t really need isn’t necessary.  

So that’s where the idea of a no spending month came from, I kind of felt like I’m buying things but I don’t really need them. I’ve gotten better over the last few months at really thinking about my purchases, walking away before buying, only really buying things that can be worn or used time and time again.

I want to be able to go on a couple of trips this year, start saving for the future and maybe even invest in a designer piece if I can. The only way I’m going to be able to do that is to save, and dare I say it BUDGET..

Month of No Spending
Month of No Spending
Which brings me to my month of no spending.. Actually I should be more specific here .. my month of no shopping.. I did get a couple of beauty appointments done but other than that no spending.

And I actually managed it no problem. Well Until last week when I caved and bought a couple things. I know I didn’t last the whole month but I still managed to last a good few weeks. Yes there was a few days where after a quick online shop sweep I almost cave I will admit. But I was adiment I could prove myself wrong and not shop for the month.

After reading the Budget Section of An Edited Life I really wanted to set myself a budget. I’ve saving before for big trips, items I wanted to buy but I while I was saving I was still constantly spending and feeling like I never had any money. Then once the trip was over i was back to square one again. I want to move past that and be in a place where I can afford to buy the things I want and still have money saved away.

So the budget and the month of no spending … I will get into how I got on then next week I’ll share my tips for budgeting and ways to stay in budget.

As well as no shopping I also stopped buying coffee ( or tired to.) Instead made my own If I was going to work. I did this mainly because I was getting a bit sick of chain coffee’s ( too much of a good thing.) Since my parents have a coffee machine it worked out cheaper for me to make my own from home. This I noticed a big difference in, it’s actually scary how much I spent on coffees every month. And with a Starbucks literally right across from my work it was a hard one to resist.

The no shopping was surprisingly easier to do I just avoided going into any shops. Even if I did I didn’t try anything on to avoid temptation. Avoiding online shopping was a little more tricky. Whenever I was bored at home I would do a little search on online shopping. This is where I almost caved because it’s just so easy to click purchase.

I’m actually so glad I managed to go almost the whole month without spending. It may not seem like such a big deal or big achievement for some people but for me it is. I’m the type of person who treats myself when I feel shitty Which is why I caved when I had a shitty week last week. There’s a reason they call it retail therapy let me tell you.

This month of no spending has made me realise that I can go without these unnecessary purchases. Now I’m trying to make more conscious purchases only buy things I need or that will last me a long time.

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