Ways to Stay In Budget


Following on from last weeks Month of No Spending post. Today’s post I’m sharing my tips on staying in budget and not spending. It was hard to go a whole month without spending. Although it did teach me a few things about how to stay in budget. I got crafty – well a little bit- and managed to find new ways to save money and also new ways to spend less.

Now I haven’t set out a specific budget yet but I do plan on setting one soon. I have however been aiming to spend less and even be a bit more sensible when spending. Trying to stop impulse purchases and just buying for the sake of buying.

So today I’m sharing a few tips on how to spend less. Ways to Stay in Budget. Which will hopefully mean you have more money at the end of the month too.
Set yourself a challenge

If like me you are a big shopper and do a lot of shopping each month. Then setting yourself a no spending challenge is a good way to stop buying so much. I did that throughout February and I was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be. I wasn’t tempted to shop, I realised I didn’t need to buy anything new. This also gave me an opportunity to shop my wardrobe. Wear things that I hadn’t worn in a while instead of buying anything new.

Make Coffee From Home

This is a pretty standard one that probably everyone has on their saving tips list. But it’s crazy how much you can spend on coffee a month without realising. Grabbing a Starbucks for £2-£3 every other day doesn’t seem a lot at the time. But when you think about it, it does end up adding up. So since my parents have a coffee machine here at home I started making my own. To take if I was heading to work. Or i’d wait and have a coffee at home instead of stopping at a coffee shop. The same goes for making lunch and taking it to work. It will save you more money in the long run doing it this way.

Look for deals

Not to be a cheapskate but looking for deals is a great way to save money. Be that with food shopping or  buying clothing when they’re reduced or have discounts. Is always a win.

Now I read a lot so go through a lot of books a month. So I have started keeping an eye on Amazon’s deals for books. I have a kindle so usually you can get kindle books for 99p which is a great deal! If you have a prime account you can also sometimes get books for free with your prime membership. So always keep an eye out for the emails.

Check your Subscriptions

This is one thing I did at the start of this month was stop any subscription. Any I didn’t use anymore. I went through and had a look at what I was still subscribed to & decided if it was worth keeping them. Things like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Adobe, the Gym I use constantly so I don’t mind spending the money on them.

On the flip side there is a few things I don’t use as much anymore. So I’ve ended my subscriptions for now. The good thing about most of these subscription services is that you can sign up to them again in the future too.  

Have nights in

As much fun as a girls night out is invite the girls round to your house for a few drinks or make them dinner. One it saves you the expense of going out and two you get to wear comfy clothes while doing it. Win Win.

Find Free things to do

If you like getting out the house at the weekends but don’t want to spend any money find free things to do in your local area. Go for a walk someplace new, visit surrounding sights. Find any free events happening in your area that can be fun to attend.

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