Why Having a Content Calendar is Great for your Blog.

content calendar
content calendar
Content Calendar – to control the process of creating content.

Today I wanted to talk Content Calendars & why having one makes content planning 10x easier. Wither you have a blog, active social media or a business a content calendar will keep you organised. Essentially a content calendar is a layout of the month. Where you can plot all the posts you have to go up on your blog, instagram, Pinterest, twitter. Whatever or however you share content I can guarantee you a content calendar will help you plan so much better..

Whether you have sponsored posts coming up that need to be shared on a specific date or want to share exciting content each day. Planning out your posts on a content calendar will make sure you’re not missing a post.

I’d be complete lost without my content planner.

I first started using them last year and they are the honestly best way to stay organised. I use mine in my bullet journal so I can flip back a forth to see what posts are coming up each week. Yes I actually sat down and drew out 30 boxes for all 12 months.. But they are so handy. You can download them from certain websites but I prefer drawing them out myself. I find it makes them easier to tailor to my needs. Thats whats so great about them is that they are completely interchangeable. To your needs and how you prefer to keep things organised.

At the beginning of each month I sit down with a list of posts I have to publish. I then start plotting them into which days I want them  published on the blog. That way when it comes to each week I can look as see what posts I need to have ready. It also helps me keep track of what photos need taken.. I still haven’t gotten a good photo shoot schedule down ( a 2019 goal.) So I usually leave the photos to the last minute and take them the week of or the day of the blog post. This way I can look ahead at the week and see what blog posts I need to shoot for.

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