Have We Made Dating & Relationships Complicated?

From a generation of Love Island, The Bachelor, Tinder and Snapchat falling in love in 2019 isn’t your typical old-fashioned romance.

Long gone are the days where you meet someone in a bar, marry the boy from your village or find your sweetheart at 16. Now we’re given unlimited choices to find love and unlimited opportunities to meet new people.

We now have millions of options from every corner in the world. The possibility of finding your one true love is endless.

Which leads to the question have we got too many choices?

Meaning we’re constantly looking for better. Afraid to settle in case our one in a million is out there in the millions. Afraid to settle down and commit in case our current person isn’t going to be our forever person.

Maybe we’ve over complicated things.

We’ve given ourselves unlimited ways of communicating with each other. Now the odds of even our first encounter being face to face with someone we could have a relationship with is close to zero. Where the bulk of our relationships are through text or Snapchats. Where instead of putting pen to paper and writing love notes we are sending half naked Snapchats to the ones we like.  

We hide our true feelings in fear of being rejected by the ones we like. In fear that you will look too invested we hide aspects of ourselves. Terrified of being hurt yet again.  Meaning we spend the weekend’s texting one another instead of actually spending time with each other. We let love go because we’re too afraid of being hurt.

So it’s easier to go from one meaningless relationship to another.

Never fully committing, never fully showing your true feelings. Jumping back on tinder as soon as one short lived dating escaped ends. Because we all know the best way to get over someone is to get under someone new..

We have as a generation over complicated things. Being constantly reachable and constantly online. We have gave ourselves too many ways to be reached.  Meaning we’re more likely to build a relationship over text than in person. We start to question whether the connection is real or if we just have a strong wifi connection. One that leaves us constantly available to our crushes.

Then if we don’t hear back or get rejected we get neurotic thinking they’re found someone better. The constant fear or there’s always being someone better out there. Going on dates, meeting new people is fun until it isn’t any more. Even when you do find someone there’s that ultimate fear that they may be speaking to someone else or will eventually leave us for someone better. Someone better for them. We end up silently hoping that just maybe this one will work out. Maybe the next person will be the one.

Having a world full of choices is never going to be simple, but love and relationships are never simple. So why should finding a partner be simple. Yes we have over complicated things and yes we probably now have too many options. The phrase plenty of fish in the sea has never rang more true. Now we no longer only marry the boy or girl from the local village.  We can now have any type of relationship we want with anyone we want. The possibilities for love, sex and relationships are endless. That’s what makes it exciting..

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