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5 Things – TV Shows, Podcasts & More

This week I’ve been trying to get ahead of blogging, getting posts written and lots of photos taken.

It’s been a mixed bag of having a few posts already planned out and then some thrown together last minute posts. Which is kind of what I wanted to do this year with the blog is have that room to put up a post whenever. Thats what kind of happened with these photos as well they weren’t really planned for a specific post I just needed something for instagram but ended up loving them.

Anyway enough rambling about photos and onto my 5 things post for today. It’s been fun doing these types of posts again because it’s great for sharing things that won’t fit a full blown post. It’s a way I can share some of the things I’ve been loving with you all.

  1. I finally got round to watching A Simple Favour and I wasn’t impressed. I gave up watching half way. After enjoying the book I thought the film would be really good but it just seemed really forced.
  2. I also finally got round to catching up on Girls Gotta Eat podcast and it’s seriously the funniest thing. It’s like sitting down for an hour with your friends and talking all things dating and relationships. I have found myself holding in laughter in public because some of the topics are hilarious.
  3. Brooklyn Nine Nine season 5 came onto Netflix finally and it’s been such a good season. I forgot how much I loved this show.
  4. I’ve been catching up on the US Bachelor which is 10x better than the UK one in my opinion. It’s so addictive & there is so much drama which just makes you keep watching.
  5. Jack Savoretti’s new album came out on Friday and I love it. It’s very different to his previous albums but its amazing.

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