March Reading

March Reading List

March Reading

How are we at the end of March already and how is it already time to share my March Reading List. March has been a slow reading month for me. For someone who usually gets through a good 2 books a week it’s been a slow month. I just haven’t been able to fully focus on a book for a long period of time. More so in the second half of the month I’ve read a couple books I just couldn’t get into.

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Get Lucky – Lila Monroe

When Julia wakes up in vegas not her own hotel room and with a hot naked stranger. She wonders what happened last night. As the day goes on Julia & her hot bed mate Nate spend the day retracing their steps to find out what really happened last night. Sometimes you get lucky in vegas sometimes what happens in vegas should stay in vegas.

I downloaded Get Lucky purely because it was free and it turned out to be pretty good. It’s definitely a chick flick book and very easy to read. It’s a romance book so there is a lot of sex scenes. They are written very well is all I’ll say. You find yourself drawn into the characters romance from the start. I really liked the element of sexual tension that built up between the characters. It really made you want to keep reading more. If you want a quick read and don’t mind a bit of filth in you books then i definitely recommend this one. On the flip side if books heavy on sex scenes isn’t really your thing I’d give this one a miss.

Life Changing Magic of Not giving a Fuck

After reading Sarah Knights latest book Calm the fuck down ( which I spoke about in last months reading post) I wanted to give her other books a go. So I borrowed The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck from a friend. I have to be honest I didn’t like this one as much as Calm the Fuck Down. I found that I didn’t relate to the problems being solved in this book as much as I did the previous one. Still I love her no bullshit approach to self help and how her books are so different to others out there. Just wasn’t so much a fan of this one.

What The Wind Knows – Amy Harmon

When Annie’s Grandfather passes away he asks her to take his ashes to Ireland. Annie does as he asks only to be transported back to Ireland 1920. Where she’s met by a doctor and a little boy who is all to familiar.

What the Wind Knows was another free download from Amazon Prime and ugh it was an incredible book. I love historical fiction there’s just something taking you to another time makes reading them so fun. What the Wind Knows was no exception I loved this book I even shed a few tears at the end. I also really love a time-travel book which I think really drew me to this book in the first place.

The Girl Before – JP Delaney

When Jane moves into a new house she’s meet with an abundance of rules. One folgate Street is a specifically designed house to make the occupant live their best life. As time goes on Jane realises there is a few oddities with the house and with the architect Edward. We also get to see Emma’s storyline and her time living in the house. Both women start an affair with Edward, both look exactly alike and both have had trauma in the past. When we find out that Emma dies in the house, Jane worries that she may end up with the same fate as Emma.

The Girl Before is a tough one because I could never get into it. Personally I’m not a huge fan of these type of thriller books. The story sounded good at first so I thought I’d give it ago. But as I said I just couldn’t get into it, I kept reading books in between reading this one. I’d read a couple of chapters at a time then I wouldn’t pick it up for a few days again. Not a huge fan..

A Wife of Noble Character

Vivianne is rich by name. Living in Texas where all her friends are born into money then married into money, Vivianne who lost both her parents when she was younger. Was raised by her aunt & has no money. When she thinks she’s going to marry into money. She realises that maybe the high society life she’s used to isn’t really hers to begin with.

A Wife of Noble Character is not a book I loved and couldn’t put down but i did enjoy it. I found myself always thinking about what was going to happen next. It was almost like a classic written in modern times. When I read the back of the book I originally thought the book was going to be set in the 1920’s era but it was set in modern times. It just had a classic feel to it which I think made it a great book.

With or Without You – Shari Low

It’s New Year’s Eve 1999 and Liv and her husband Nate have decided to separate. Both are unsure if it’s the right thing to do so we see two parallel story lines. One where they stay together and one where the separate. Each decision having a lasting effect on each of their lives and their friends lives.

With or Without You was a free amazon book I downloaded liking the idea of the story but not fully convinced i’d like it. I ended up really enjoying it and couldn’t put it down. I definitely preferred the storyline where the separated as it all kind of worked out in the end.

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