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5 Ways To Stay Organised


When it comes to being organised I let my full Monica side shine through. I feel a sense of calm when I know things are organised and in order. So today I’m sharing five of my tips on the best ways to stay organised.

Lists, Lists and more Lists

I love a to do list… Ever since I started bullet journaling last year everything is now In the form of a list. Everyday I write out a to do list for the day, even something like workout goes on the list. Even though I know I definitely will workout and I don’t need reminding I still put it on my list. It gives me a sense of accomplishment when I can score something off my to do list.

It not just to do lists.. I’m talking about lists for any trips I’ll be taking, I make a packing list, a list of places I want to visit.. You get the idea.. I love a list.

Bullet Journaling

I have a full post coming on bullet journaling soon but ever since I started bullet journaling last year I have been so much more organised. The way a bullet journal works is you have a yearly spread, then a monthly spread then a weekly spread. Each having more room for events, appointments, important dates. Again with a bullet Journal you set it up however is useful to you which makes it the best way to stay organised and tailor it to you.

Write it Down

This one can fall under the List category too but writing down any appointments, important tasks will keep you organised. Whether you use a bullet journal or a regular diary or online diary write it down. As soon as you set an appointment or an important meeting. Write it down. Any deadlines you have or important tasks. You know what I’m going to say write it down. That way you’re not going to forget it and you’ll be all prepare on the day of.


Trackers is a new one for me but it’s a big one in bullet journaling. Keeping track of habits, workouts, your period you name it. Keeping a simple daily tracker of important tasks will keep you organised and will even help you achieve any goals. In my bullet journal I have a list of habits I want to achieve daily throughout the month. These will be as simple as blogging that day or working out. Keeping track of these reminds me to do them on a daily basis. I sit down at the end of every day and mark off what I’ve done that day. It’s also a good way of introducing new habits as you’re seeing the month layed out in front of you. You’re seeing what days you did complete the habit and what days you missed doing it.


When it comes to travel, restaurants, new big  purchases I will research it until I know everything I need to know. For example when I try out a new restaurant I will take a look at the menu before hand which I think everyone does. Or when it comes to making a big purchase whether that be a new pair of shoes or a handbag or a tech piece I do my research. Then of course when it comes to travel I will research all the best places to eat, stay, see at the destination. This way I feel 10x more organised when it comes to visiting the place or buying the product.

So these are just a few ways that help me stay organised. I hope they help you get more organised too.

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