Everyday Basics & My Thoughts on Fast Fashion..

When it comes to planning outfits I always reach for the basics.

My daily wardrobe usually consists of jeans & a t-shirt in the summer and jeans & a jumper in the winter. I also limit myself to buying into fashion trends. I don’t really like the whole fast fashion concept of trends changing with the seasons. Instead I like the idea of a capsule wardrobe where you have your core pieces for each season. And just add in a few extras during the season.

It’s something I’ve always found appealing and something that I’ve almost fallen into with my wardrobe and clothing choices. I don’t really have that much clothing to begin with. Finding myself wearing the same things over and over again. I also love a good bi-annual 6 month clear out so I’m always rejigging my wardrobe. Then each season I buy a few new pieces that I will wear constantly throughout the season.

Last summer I bought a couple dresses that I wore lots throughout the summer months. I loved them so much and in Scotland we don’t get that long a summer. So you have to make the most of it when you can. The same thing happened this winter with the Topshop Chunky Knit Sweaters. Which I’m sure you’re sick of seeing all over my instagram. I don’t think there’s been a week since I purchased them that I haven’t worn one or both.

So instead of buying into every fashion trend I stick to my basic pieces.

As I said above my wardrobe in the winter is pretty much the same as in the summer. Except nothing really changes throughout the seasons apart from the thickness of the tops I wear. I don’t even really accessories that much it is something I am getting better at. But I rarely accessories other than  jewellery & a bag. I think I just genuinely feel more comfortable in basic clothing.

Its pieces I know suit my body well. I don’t suit big prints or certain cuts of clothing.. The amount of times I’ve tried on a pair of mom jeans or a silk skirt is beyond a joke now.. I just don’t suit them. I do love both the trends but I just don’t think they look right on me. In the past I have worried if my fashion choices are a bit boring. A bit safe but I’d rather wear something that feels like me than trying to live up to an expectation of fashion trends.

It also comes down to my dislike of fast fashion.

I don’t have a job with a uniform, I don’t go out that much on my days off. If I do I’m usually just  running errands or meeting friends for a coffee. In our city it’s not the type of place you can be dressed in a silk skirt at 10am for a coffee.. Now it’s not that I don’t love these fashion trends and that I don’t buy into them at all. I do but it takes me a while to find a certain trend that I love. One I know I’ll get plenty of wear out of. For example I loved the blazer trend that was everywhere last summer. I picked up a few blazers and found plenty of ways to wear them. Then on the flip side is the mom jean trend. I think they look great on so many people but on me it just looks like I’ve stolen my dad’s jeans. Ironic since it’s supposed to be mom jeans. I just don’t have the body shape for them. So I’ve gave up trying to make the trend work just because it’s in fashion. So I stick to basics and I feel comfortable that way.

I’ve also started investing a bit more in my basic pieces. Buying pieces that are versatile, long lasting that will be in my wardrobe for years to come. It may be classic simple pieces but they will last me a long time. I’m also learning how to style my clothes, which pieces pair with each other well. I’m slowly building a capsule wardrobe that will last me season after season and hopefully save me a bit more money in the long run.

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