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The Best Non-Self Help – Self Help Books…

Self Help Books
Ah self help books.. The books that almost have a stigma against them if you’re reading them in public.

Almost an invitation to strangers to figure out what’s going on in your life. That being said there is a few great Self Help books out there that aren’t exactly self help books we fear to buy in public. These have pretty covers and focus on your lifestyle rather than personal issues shall we say.  I’m talking about the books released by lifestyle blogger we admire, entrepreneurs who have won at the career game and the organisers who really help you get your Sh*T together.. So whether you call them Self Help Books, Advice Books, Career Book whatever they all kind of fall into that Non- Self Help, Self Help books category.. Okay how many times can I put self help into a sentence… A lot apparently.. It’s actually starting to look weird the more I write it..

Now before I get into my recommendations, I usually stray away from the typical self help books because I usually find them to be a bit too on the nose- Especially when it comes to career books. Funny saying this considering this post is all about self help books..

I just find that they say a lot of if you don’t do X, Y & Z  then you’ll never succeed. And while that worked for them it may not be your path or in your nature to act like that. Which is fine but that’s where I think certain Self Help books have to be taken with a pinch of salt. In that some aspects of the book may work for you but others may not.

But anyway onto the ones I’ve enjoyed and found that have actually kind of helped.
An Edited Life

By blogger Anna Newton An Edited Life is your one stop to a organised life. Anna covers everything from home & work organisation, life from self help to money and budgeting. This book has it all. From the get go Anna says that what is in her book might not work for everyone, she says you can skip parts or skip to the parts you need the most. It’s not meant to be read in order. Its meant to be put down and picked up when you need it. Which is one of the things I loved about this book. It wasn’t a follow everything and it will work. It was a follow and do what works for you.

I actually loved this book I felt so inspired while reading it and I instantly wanted clear out my entire life at the same time. I’ve found myself being more organised since reading it at the beginning of the year. This was actually the book which inspired me to do a month of no spending and figure out a budget that worked for me.

Sarah Knight – Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck, Calm the Fuck Down

The non-self help self help books shall we say. These aren’t your typical self help books and Sarah Knight says that outright in her books. She calls herself the Anti Guru. So far  I have just read Calm the Fuck Down and the Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck. I have yet to read her other two book but they are on my to read list. As I said these aren’t your typical self help books and I think that’s why I love them. They are basically a no games kind of self help book. It’s also the first books of this genre where I’ve actually put the methods into practice. While reading I actually found myself using her Methods to Calm Down and stop worrying and found that they really helped.

Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert

By author Elizabeth Gilbert Big Magic shares Elizabeth’s wisdom and process for creativity. Sharing stories from her life and about people who have inspired her. It’s been a good few years since I’ve read this one but it’s always stuck with me. Her message on creativity is one of the reasons I started blogging in the first place because I’ve always loved being creative. This book definitely spoke to me and it’s one that I plan on reading again soon too.

Curated Closet

Like I said these are the non self help books in this post and Curated Closet is a little self care for your closet.

I first came onto the idea of a curated closet from blogger Anna Newton who wrote An Edited Life mentioned above. She does a lot of videos on her youtube on her curated closet which did really interest me. So I picked up this book to learn a little more. Truthfully I’ve never actually went through with the whole curated closet. However my wardrobe is pretty minimal and I do usually end up wearing the same 3 things every week anyway. One main tip I have taken from this book however is buying pieces that will last and that are classic. Piece that will take you through years & be a base for your wardrobe.

Little Black Book

Little Black Book is a toolkit for working woman.. It’s what it says on the front cover and it’s not lying. This covers everything from building your brand, public speaking, money, networking and so much more. This one falls a little more into the Career Book Category but i’ve included it in this list anyway.. It’s also another one I really want to read again.


So influencer is definitely targeting a lot more to bloggers I think. If you’re a blogger I can’t recommend this book enough. All the questions you’ve ever had on blogging, building your brand, charging for posts it’s in there. Again this another career focused book but by now I feel we’ve got a good balance of life and career in this post so I’m going to keep it in. This book will help you have a better understanding of your personal brand and ways you can grow it.

This was another book I kind of dipped in and out of. Not because I didn’t like it, I just found more aspects suitable to my situation. There was a few parts of the book that weren’t really relevant to where I am with blogging at the moment but are definitely very helpful to those who are.

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