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Getting over Body Hang-ups

Body Hang Ups
Body Hang Ups
As women we have so much pressure from online, social media & even magazines to look a certain way.

With picture perfect instagram models donning our feeds almost every day and magazines pitting women against each other. All for who wore it better or the best beach bodies around. They give us a perception of how we should look. Make us insecure and think we won’t be found attractive if we don’t measure up to society’s idea of a perfect woman. We have this way we think we should look but we’re perfect as we are.

It’s only in the last few months that I’ve really started to appreciate my body and finally start loving how it looks. I’m finally giving up my body hang ups and starting to love what I see in the mirror.

I now feel confident to wear figure hugging clothes , pieces that will highlight my curves. I feel confident enough to get naked in front of a guy and actually enjoy the moment instead of worrying about what he thinks about my body.

Its like Joey says “ I’m curvy and I like it”

We all have certain hang ups that irritate us about our bodies & our appearances. Our boobs are too big or too small, our legs are too short. Our bums to big or not big enough, we have cellulite or stretch marks. Whatever your body hang up may be. We have to stop obsessing over them, stop letting them ruin how we look at our bodies. I know when you look in a mirror you automatically zone in on your body issues but we have to start looking past it. For me it was always my cellulite, stretch marks & my stomach which I would obsess over and hide away.

Well let me break it to you we all have cellulite and as much cream and lotions you put on it it’s never going to fully disappear.

The moment I came to term with this I stopped worrying about it so much. The same with stretch marks they’re a natural to a changing figure. I used to try everything I could to get rid of my stretch marks when I was younger. I even tried creams for pregnant women because I hated how they look. Then one day I just gave up and they don’t even phase me now. I have a few on my hip area and I know they’re there but I don’t get bothered by them.

Body Hang Ups
The same with having flat stomachs or no muffin tops hanging over our trousers.

This used to really irritate me I always wore baggy tops or long tops to cover my problem areas as I would call them. I thought they would never go away. I used to hate the little fatty bits at my hips “love handles” as they’re called. Now they haven’t completely disappeared but they have slimmed down a little because I’ve been working out. The same with my stomach it’s definitely slimmed down but its a mixture of cutting out a lot of foods and working out. I still get bloated if I eat bread or pasta and I still get bloated at my time of the month. But I don’t obsess over it as much as I used to. I look in the mirror now and actually like what I see.

There’s not that one magic trick out there that will automatically make all these body hang ups disappear. Its a mixture of eating right and working out.. And yes I know that’s uttered by anyone who has ever written a body hang ups post. But it’s also about letting go of these body hang-up. Not letting them be the be all and end all. Learning to not sweat the small things. Not to get hung up on cellulite or stretch marks because everyone & their mother has them. We’ll have days where we look and feel incredible.. But we’ll also have off days. When we feel like a troll that should never been seen in public.. It happens to us all.

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