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Dressing For Spring & The PipDig Scandal

Dressing for Spring

I’m craving warmer weather and itching to buy spring clothes. I have been doing some online sweeps and looking at all their new in for spring pieces. Being in scotland we’re pretty touch and go with warm weather so it’s hard to dress for the weather. Plus I get really cold really easy so that doesn’t help either.

Which means buying for spring in April is never a good idea. Although that doesn’t stop me looking. I have been loving the floral/flowy blouses that I’ve been seeing everywhere and also dresses. I say it every year that I need to get more dresses for summer and this year I think I’m actually going to stick to it. I’ve already got a few in my wish list. I am also after a new spring Jacket. Jackets are my least favourite thing to buy apart from jeans as I can never find a jacket I like enough. And one that will go with everything too. Currently I’m lusting after a khaki utility jacket as I got so much wear out of my one last year.

Speaking of Spring outfits I recently picked up this blouse from Miss Selfridge and I think it’s perfect for spring. I’d been after a white blouse and I loved this one with the peplum detail and the lace cutouts on each side. It’s a linen material which makes it great for warm weather. I can’t wait to style this more and I’m sure you’ll be seeing it a lot over the next few months.

PipDig Scandal

If you’re a regular here on the blog you’ll have noticed the slight change in appearances on the blog theme. And if you’re a blogger I’m sure you’re aware of the whole PipDig Scandal which unfolded over on twitter last week. Basically PipDig is a company who design themes for bloggers for wordpress and blogger. Which are simple to upload, are simple to use and look great. But it turns out that the coding on these pipdig themes have data which can destroy your blog and take date from competitors. You can read more about it here in more detail.

Now I’m not technical I don’t know much about HTML & Coding so I went for a brand which was easy to use and one I thought I could trust. Which I think is the same for a lot of bloggers I follow as I found PipDig through their blogs. I had two themes from them over the course of the 4 years I’ve been blogging with Cappuccino in the Clouds. I loved them but as soon as this news broke I removed everything from my site. It’s not a brand I wanted to be associated with and I also didn’t want my blog to break again. Now I don’t like to bad mouth a brand but when you read the behind the scenes of what this brand is doing. I really don’t want to have my blog associated with them.

Hence why the blog doesn’t look its best right now.. I am shopping around for a new theme. I don’t want to jump into buying the first one I see because I don’t want to make the same mistake twice. So bare with me while I find a new theme, I’ll still be posting the quality of content I’ve been producing. You might just have to stick with this theme for a little while longer.

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