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The Best Podcasts to Listen Too!

Today on the blog I want to talk podcasts!

I’ve done a couple of podcast round ups here on the blog before but I’m always finding new ones I love. Which I think you will all love too. It’s only recently I’ve started listening to podcasts more and more. I’ll listen to them when I’m driving or at the gym or walking the dog and sometimes when I’m working in the office I’ll pop my headphones in and binge an episode or two. They are the perfect way to pass an hour & I just like the variety of topics you can get from them.

I also feel this is adulting at its best listening to a podcast for pleasure. Right now I’m obsessed with Dating / Relationship Podcasts they are brilliant. I think they are podcasts we can all really relate too. Also I love the society & culture type podcast generally hosted by influencers or heavily career & everyday life focused. I varies depending on what I’m in the mood to listen to.

I’ve included a mix in this list some I’ve just started listening to & some I’ve been subscribed to for a while.

Girls Gotta Eat

I have to start with my favourite this is probably the only Podcast where I’ve listened to every single episode. Girls Gotta Eat is a comedy podcast hosted by comedian Ashley Hesseltine and blogger Rayna Greenberg. The podcast is all about dating, sex, relationships and its brilliant. This is the first podcast I recommend to anyone when they ask for my recommendations. Its funny,(The amount of times I’ve laughed in public with this podcast)  it’s relatable it’s like sitting down with your girlfriends to chat about your love life.

U Up

Hosted by Jared Fried and Jordana Braham U Up is all about Millennial Dating. This falls along the same lines as Girls Gotta Eat in that its a comedy podcast about dating. I’ve only recently started listening to U Up and what I really like about it is you get both a male and female perspective on dating. They run off emails from listeners so it’s really good to see how both sides answer the issues. This is a perfect podcast for dating in your 20’s & 30’s.

The Big Move

The Big Move is a brand new podcast from blogger Em Roberts of The Lipstick Fever. Her podcast is inspired by her move from NYC to London. She interviews a variety of women from entrepreneurs, to industry experts. As I said it’s still very new so there’s only one episode available but I’m excited to see how this podcast goes.

Things You Can’t Ask Yer Mum

Things You Can’t Ask Yer Mum is another newly launched Podcast by bloggers Lizzy Hadfield & Lindsey Holland. Talking through topics on relationships, breakups, grief and friendship. This one only launched last week so again there’s only one episode but I feel like this could be a really good one.

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