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Silk Skirts, Crazy Dates & My Nana’s Thoughts on Dating

Silk Skirts
Silk Skirts
Silk Skirts
Silk Skirts

After months and months of eyeing up silk skirts in shops I finally bit the bullet and bought one. It’s one of those trends which I’ve loved from afar but always thought I wasn’t fashionable enough to pull one off.  I also struggled to find one where I didn’t feel it made me look to hippy & one I could style up lots of ways.

So I went for this red & white spot one from Topshop. I love it and can already tell I’ll be wearing it all through summer. For today’s post I’ve styled it with a white t-shirt which I’ve tied at the waist and a pair of white trainers. You’ll see me styling the skirt this way a lot throughout the summer I’m sure.

Silk Skirts
Crazy Dates

This past few months I’ve had a few crazy dates. Honestly it makes me want to give up dating all together. You end up sitting there looking across at this person who you’ve just met and thinking could I really see anything with you. Do we have enough of a connection to warrant a second or even third date. Then there’s the guys who make you crazy. Making you wonder why you even bothered going on a date with them in the first place. But that’s a story for another day..

It makes me hate dating sometimes. Dating is supposed to be fun. But it gets to a point where it turns into interviews for a potential partner instead of being fun. When in truth while it would be nice to have someone i’m not desperately looking. I’m going on all these dates to meet these guys and not caring if nothing more happens between us. I could take it or leave it. I think dating apps take the fun out of dating they also make it feel more forced. I’d much rather have that type of relationship with someone where our connection has grown naturally. Where the connection between us developed on its own over time. Rather from a few hasty texts over a dating app.

My Nana’s Thoughts on Dating

Speaking of dating I was having a conversation with my nana a few days ago all about dating apps. She was shocked that this was the only way you really can meet potential dates nowadays. When her and my Granda got together they met at a dance where the guy who liked you had to ask you to dance first. They are now going on 50 years married and it just shows you how much dating has changed in the last 50 years.

I said Nana it’s just not done that way anymore we don’t have local dances every weekend unless you count NOX on a Saturday night but please trust me don’t do that. We don’t have to wait a week to see or even speak to they guy we’re dating. Which in a way is a shame because there is a certain element of romance to the whole old fashioned courting. I just don’t know if our way of dating is easier or harder than our grandparents had it.

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