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How I Use My Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal
I wrote a post at the beginning of last year about how to bullet journal.

At the time I’d only been using the Bullet Journal system for a month or so. Now a year on i’ve really figured out a way to make it work for me. Everyone has different ways to use their bullet journal. Thats the great thing about them is you can adapt them however suits you.

Basically a bullet journal is a Coded system to organise your thoughts, tasks, lists. It’s your one stop shop for all things organization.

Before I start if you’re new to bullet journaling I recommend you check out this website. Designed by Ryder Carroll he has a tone of videos and blog posts on how to use bullet journals.

Many people add a lot to their bullet journal and have all these different types of lists for different things.

I mainly use my bullet journal for blogging. Keeping track of all the little things I need to do for the blog. But I also use it to keep track of any appointments or plans I may have. At the beginning of the year I started out this way. But as the months drew on I found myself using more or less of certain lists.

One thing I found helpful was setting out a monthly spread each month. This way I could keep note of any appointments or events happening through the month.

Bullet Journal
Along with the month layout I also set up a blog brainstorm for each month.

Making it a place where I could note down any blog ideas I had. I also had a monthly workout tracker where I could mark the little box if I workout out that day. It was really fun to see at the end of the year how much I workout throughout the year. Seeing what months I maybe workout out less or workout out more in. These three spreads were the only three I kept constant throughout the whole year.

This year I’ve added a few new spreads to my bullet journal. I’ve added a monthly habit tracker something I’ve seen in so many bullet journals online. A habit tracker is something I never thought i’d stick to but it’s turned out to be so helpful. Marking these tasks off each day make me feel a little bit more accomplished. These can be basic habits such as a reminder to blog or things like cleaning up. Some of these habits maybe don’t happen every day. But it makes you feel better at the end of the month. Especially when you look back and see the changes you’ve made.

Bullet Journal

One other layout I found helpful was a blog content planner for each month. To start with I have a list of all the post for that month & check them off when each task is done. This really helped me keep track of what everything I needed to do for each post.

Along with these lists I also added in content calendars for each month. This was a life saver and it made planning content so much easier.

A lot of people get really artsy with their bullet journal. I tried this in the beginning but let’s face it i’m not that artistic and too much of a perfectionist for that. So in the end I kept it simple using a different colour for each month. Keeping it simple but still changing up the look of the bullet journal.

This is how my bullet journal worked for me it might be different for you depending on what you need to keep track of or what you need to plan for. Its the fun thing about bullet journaling is that you can tailor it to exactly how you want it.

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