Being too Attached when it comes to Relationship


After writing my post on Ghosting last month I decided I want to cover more dating topics.n guys. It’s not always true!

Let’s face it there will always be a stage in the relationship where one person is more invested in the couple than the other but that doesn’t mean it’s always the girl. Guys can be just as invested if not more than girls sometimes.. Its happens on both sides..

Which leads to my point of this whole post about how there is such a stigma surrounding us girls when it comes to dating. This whole thing of us getting attached quicker. With guys resorting to saying girls will become crazy and psycho if they don’t respond or ghost us. But truthfully It’s the being called crazy that makes us crazy.

Guys turn around and say us girls will text you 5 times in the space of 5 minutes just because you haven’t responded. That we’ll get upset when you don’t like us back. We want something serious out of each relationship. We say one thing when we mean another just to please the guy. That we’re clingy or we’ll breakdown if we’re rejected.

All these things that guys say we do and that we act a certain way when it comes to dating.

Now don’t get me wrong there is a few girls who will act like this but most of the time most of us are  grown up enough to understand. I think it definitely goes case by case. Some girls will be constantly texting you back until you responded. Most girls are strong enough & mature enough to understand a guy has his own life, he’s not attached to his phone. We understand that when he stopped responding and walks away he maybe just doesn’t want to talk to us. We’re also strong enough to know what we want and how we feel about someone. And this whole jumping to conclusion thing of the girl wanting more is just silly.

I think that’s why it’s hard for girls sometimes to ask for what they want in dating.

Due to the fear of a guy thinking you’re too into him. Or that we want too much.. So just because we ask a guy to do something doesn’t mean we’re in love with him.

Recently I asked a guy who I’d been on a couple of dates with if he wanted to go for a drink. A Drink that was it nothing more. His response was no because he didn’t want anything serious. Not once had I mentioned anything about being serious. I certainly didn’t think there was a future there. I wasn’t asking him to marry him. Genuinely I just wanted to go for a drink with someone who I previously had had a good time with nothing more. But it was the automatic jumping to conclusions that bugged me, thinking that I was more attached than I was. When to be honest I could have taken or left the drinks.

So guys if you’re reading this sometimes we’re not looking for more.. sometimes we just want to date you..  Hey maybe even just sleep with you. No strings attached.. Because if you can do it we can do it too.

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