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I have had this on my blog brainstorm list for so long but I’ve finally got round to creating a Packing PDF list for you all. Whenever I travel or I’m planning a trip  I need to have a list of what needs packed, where i’m going to visit, what Resturants to try etc.. Almost like an itinerary but not set to times. I like to think of my lists as a rough guide then when i’m looking for a place to eat or visit I can refer to the list and pick one from there.

I have made a list that even Leslie Knope would be proud of.

When we travel as a family we call my dad Griswold from the Vacation films. As he has us trailing around and walking for hours just to visit some place. I think i’ve got that trait for him because as much as a lazy beach holiday is nice. I have to be up walking about sight seeing or keeping busy. Okay maybe not every day because part of me does like lounging by the pool with a good book but I can’t have a whole holiday doing that.

So whenever I’m planning a trip I research all the best places to go and I make a list so I have them all to hand when I’m on my trip. This means if we’re looking for a place to eat that night I can take a look at the list and decide which restaurant to try.

Now that’s for the actual trip today I want to talk packing for the trip.

So before we even arrive at the destination we have everything organised and packed. Which is why before I start packing I make a list of everything I’m going to need to take with me.

I split it up into 3 categories. Hand Luggage, Beauty & Toiletries and finally The Main Suitcase.  That way I can make a list of each item and where they need to be packed. Things like my kindle, notebook, laptop, camera, passport, purse will all go into my Hand  Luggage. So i make a list to make sure I have everything. Then I go full Monica and say check every time I pack an item. I also make sure to pack extra clothing & underwear in my hand luggage just incase my suitcase goes missing. It’s always nice to have a change of clothes if anything was to happen to your suitcase.

Now onto the main suitcase, depending on the climate of your destination you can make a list according to the essentials you will need. I always start from the inside out. So think of it as you’re getting dressed for the day. Packing what you will need for that day. I also think planning out your outfits is a good way to not over pack. It also helps to decide what pieces can be worn for multiple outfits.

When it comes to packing my suitcase I use these packing cubes. I bought these for my last trip to the states and they are honestly life changing. I managed to pack so much in and still have plenty of room left over in my suitcase.

So that’s basically a little run down of how I pack for a trip

You can download the Packing PDF’s here

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