Entertainment 5 Things Round Up


Today’s post is a quick 5 things roundup but an Entertainment Addition. I’m talking movies, tv shows, music and books I’ve been binging, reading and watching lately. It’s not until I sit down and write these posts that I realise how much tv I actually watch. It’s kind of scary when you look at it all written down like this. That being said it’s not going to stop me so I might as well get on with the Entertainment roundup.

  1. Marvel Movies – I have been watching all the Marvel Movies in chronological order. I’m fully addicted and it feels like my life has been taken over by these films. I’m surprisingly really enjoying them too.
  2. Game of Thrones. – I’m not prepared for the final of Game of Thrones is today. After the craziness of last week’s episode I can’t wait to see what they’ve got planned for this week.
  3. Southern Charm – I’ve finally caught up with Southern Charm and now I’m a bit lost at what to watch. This reality show is so addicting.
  4. Lewis Capaldi – Our favourite Scottish Singer released his first album on Friday and it’s safe to say i’m obsessed. I have had it on repeat all weekend I may of even cried at a few songs too (they’re very relatable )
  5. The Flatshare. – I will be sharing more about this in my monthly reading post but I wanted to include it in todays post too. I absolutely loved this book, I can’t recommend it enough.

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