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The Best Netflix Original Rom-Com Films

Netflix Orignal

The amount of hours I’ve probably spent watching Netflix is frightening to even think about. Not only is Netflix my go to for any tv show marathon. It’s also a great place to find some great Netflix original movies. While it’s chock a block full of some pretty classic films to the most random frankly pretty rubbish films. Netflix has a wide range of Original Movies. Some of which are actually really good. From Rom-com’s a plenty to action packed films Netflix have really pushed the boat with some of their latest releases.

Looking at this list now I realise they are all pretty much Rom – Com films so let’s focus this post on just Rom-Coms for now as I realise there’s a lot more genres that I haven’t quite got around to yet.

Someone Great

Someone Great isn’t your typical break up movie. When Jenny (Gina Rodriguez) gets dumped by her boyfriend of nine years she recruits to her friends Blair (Brittany Snow) and Erin (DeWanda Wise) for one last night of partying in New York before she leaves for San Francisco.

While the premise of the film is about Jenny’s break up and through a series of flashbacks you see her and her ex Nate’s ( ) relationship. Both the good and the bad parts. From Jenny spotting a bottle of coke in the bodega bringing her back to a memory of them together. To her spotting Nate at the night-club it’s a feeling we can all relate to when going through a break up. Someone Great is about more than that it is about the friendship between Jenny and her two closest friends who gather round her when she needs them most. This film highlights female friendships and you’re own journey through life. As well as being an incredibly relatable film Someone Great is also hilarious and the screenplay is written perfectly. Everyone should watch this movie.

The Perfect Date

The Perfect Date follows Brooks a high school student to sets up an app offering to be someone’s date to make money from college. From prom dates to being a bad fake boyfriend he will be your date. Only when he starts to develop feelings for one girl his plans get complicated.

The Perfect Date is the typical Teenage Rom-Com. It is the perfect (no pun intended ) easy watch that will leave you feeling good when you finish watching. Brooks offers to be a fake date to a girls prom but then realises he could do this to earn money ( not in a male prostitute way) for college. He’s your dream date whatever you want him to be. While its a teen rom-com its still an enjoyable movie and one of Netflix’s great original movies.

Set It Up

When two overworked assistants team up to set up their bosses so they will have more time for themselves. Staring Zoey Deutch & Glen Powell Set it Up is a hilarious Netflix Original Movie.

Set It Up brings back that element of classic rom-com movies. From the slow burn of the main characters romance to the classic will they won’t they moments sprinkled throughout. Set it Up has that perfect balance of hilarious one liners and heartfelt moments which will pull at your heart strings. It’s the first rom-com I’ve loved in years.

When We First Met

After meeting the girl of his dreams at a party one night but Noah and Avery end up being just friends. Drunk at Avery’s engagement party three years later Noah leaves early to then stumbleupon a way he can travel back in time to when they first met. Noah tries to re-set the clock on their relationship hoping she will end up with him instead.

When we first met is another of Netflix Orignal’s Rom-com movies this rolled out around the same time as Set it Up and it was almost a wave of new style romantic comedies. These films take back the element of classic romantic comedies while still being modern and funny. Staring Adam Levine who alone makes any movie that more hilarious.

The Last Summer

Following a group of high school graduates in their last summer before college. Dealing with love, heartbreak and finding their own way.

The Last Summer is definitely a teen rom-com film but I feel like it’s one we can all relate too. It’s all about that Last Summer of no responsibility before going to college before adult life really starts. About young love and finding your way. It also has Archie from Riverdale as one of the leads so if that’s not a reason to watch it then I don’t know what is.

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