My Tattoos

This post has been in my drafts for the past year so I’m finally getting round to it today.

I’ve been trying to figure out the best angle for this post so I guess I’m just going to wing it. Today I’m sharing the meaning behind my tattoo’s and why I got them in the first place. I’ve now got three tattoos and I’ve caught the tattoo bug now.

So start at the beginning.. I have always wanted a tattoo. I’ve always liked them, my parents have a good few between them too, so for them it was never a big deal.  It just took me a long time to figure out what I wanted & to be sure I was getting the right one being that its for life. Also I’m a bit of a wimp so plucking up the courage took a long time.

I went to a tattoo shop a good few times before I got my first one and ran out scared before I could even get to the front desk. It took me about a year once I finally decided to get my first tattoo before I even got one.

So my first tattoo is the Libra Constellation a simple dot & stars design on my left arm. I was always against getting tattoos on my arm for so long but I’d seen this design it was on someones arm and it looked really nice.  Safe to say my mind was changed. I don’t even think twice about it now. Also it’s easy to cover if I needed to.

I got this first one just before my 21st birthday and I’m a Libra threw and threw so its perfect. I like having a meaning behind my tattoos. My dad once said if you like a design have it mean something to you or get it on a t-shirt and wear it. If you get sick of it then don’t get the tattoo.. I have not taken that advice.

I finally plucked up the courage to get my second tattoo done. Only a year after my first one.

I’m a bit of a chicken so this was a big feat for me even if it is so small. My second tattoo is a design of a heart . It’s a simple line design with just the thin lines to make up the heart. I love this one, there’s no real meaning behind it other than I’ve always wanted a heart tattoo. It’s always hidden being on my ribs. Unless I’m in a bikini. But its a nice little design.

The process of getting the tattoo done wasn’t too bad. I was so nervous in the lead up. Once I went into the tattoo parlour I was instantly calm. It wasn’t too painful just more of a scratchy feeling. I felt a little pain one the artist got higher. Told you I’m a wimp.


My third and newest tattoo is a quote “ Give me a thousand Kisses, Then a thousand more.” This is my favourite out of the three, the style of type is beautiful and I love the way its turned out.This tattoo was probably the most painful as this was right on my ribs.  The quote is actually from a Latin Poem so I almost got this done in Latin but I found the english version in a book and prefered that. Also because I couldn’t pronounce the latin phrase but i’m so happy with it.

So that’s just a little run down of all my tattoo’s. There is no plans to get any more just yet but never say never.

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